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Thread: Do you alter your voice when going en femme

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    Exploring NEPA now Cheryl T's Avatar
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    I soften mine and raise the tone slightly, but I'm not sure it works.
    I just don't want to seem too incongruous.
    I don't wear women's clothes, I wear MY clothes !

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    Aspiring Member josie_S's Avatar
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    Like many have said, I soften and modulate my voice. At some point, I heard that it's helpful to sing along with women artists/musicians to train your voice to soften and elevate the pitch...I try that in the car sometimes, but I'm not certain about the results

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    Aspiring Member MonicaPVD's Avatar
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    Like many others, I soften my voice and slow down a little. I find that trying to change the pitch of my voice sounds a bit forced and draws unnecessary attention, the exact opposite of my objective.

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    Aspiring Member Joyce Swindell's Avatar
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    I don't try to change pitch but I do try to leave out the bass in my voice. I agree it's very much how you speak in a female mannerism than tones. There are many women who have male tones, maybe a smoker or other issues.

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    Aspiring Member Heather76's Avatar
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    The first time I went to church with my wife, one of the gents in the choir (didn't know I couldn't carry a tune in a bucket) said, "Oh, wonderful, we need a bass in the choir." While I've never been out en femme, I'm not fooling anyone with my voice if I ever do go out.
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    I'm finding the more feminine side of me...and I ❤️ this adventure.

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    Once upon a time... Veronica Lacey's Avatar
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    As I do not venture beyond my homestead it may be a moot point. With that said, should I ever take it into the real world I would simply speak in my normal male voice. I have no designs on passing as female and just want to be me: a man who prefers to wear what he wishes to.

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    Senior Member Maid_Marion's Avatar
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    I can tell my normal voice really bothers telemarketers because it doesn't match the name on their call lists!

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    I spend hours practicing my voice.
    Now I can feel more confident conversing with sales assistants , baristas ect
    Even as I being to start dressing up and putting my make up on I try to sing in a femme voice and this gets me all warmed up when I go out.

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    As others have said, speaking softer can help
    Also, your voice should have some lilting cadence to it.

    One thing that can raise pitch is something I was told a long time ago
    Tighten your throat slightly as if you were about to gargle and speak.
    it will raise you pitch without that awful falsetto.
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    No. I don't bother. My voice is too deep to try to change it.

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    🌺T🌸R🌼A🌺N🌸S🌼V🌺E🌸S🌼T 🌺I🌸T🌼E🌺 Patience's Avatar
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    I am part of everything.
    Not consciously.

    I feel if I try to change my voice deliberately, it'll only seem like I'm trying to change my voice deliberately. It'd only look ridiculous. Make that more ridiculous.

    If my voice changes in any way, I just let it happen spontaneously.
    ...throw off those chains of Reason and your prison disappears...

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