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    Dr visit

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    Today was a revelation. I had my annual exam with my urologist. I've had BPH for several years and am on meds for it. The actual revelation was how I was treated. I was enfemme for the first time with him. Everyone was just super. When the receptionist asked, I told her I had a 2pm appointment with Dr. X. My voice is not very feminine, but she didn't blink an eye, asked for my insurance info, etc. I sat in the waiting room for a couple minutes when a nurse opened the door and asked for Mr. X. I said "here". She called for Mr. X again and I raised my hand and said, "that's me". She suddenly realized that I didn't look like a Mr. and took me to the exam room. She was extremely courteous while taking my blood pressure and pulse. She told me that my pulse and BP were slightly elevated (big surprise) but chalked it up to Dr office jitters. While waiting for the Dr to come in I took a couple pics. When he came into the room, he did a double take. He's been my Dr for several years and had always seen me in boy mode. He quickly understood the situation and the first question he asked was "What pronoun should I use?" I told him, "Either works for me". I explained to him that I was in very early transition (no surgery, no hormones, no other modifications). I asked about the effect of hormones on my BPH, and he said, "Estrogen will actually reduce my chances of prostate cancer". He did my exam and said, "See you in a year but let me know if you take any steps in transition."

    I was so impressed with the professionalism of my Dr and his staff.

    By the way, that's my actual hair.
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    You go, girl! Best wishes on your journey! Sounds like a good start! hugs Lana Mae
    Life is worth living!
    "Foxy lady! You look so good!!" Jimi Hendrix

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    Hi Dani,
    I'm glad to hear you had a positive experience today at the Dr's office. That's what the healthcare should be but unfortunately it is not a universal experience. My primary care is super cool too. She always made a point to confirm if pronouns have changed or not and made sure the chart is updated and always used them. My annual physical exams were one of the first very affirming experience. For example, during the breast exam,.she would go over how do the exam by yourself, and after hearing about issues I had with a dermatologist, she referred to the one, where I would be treated with utmost respect.
    Good luck as stay healthy!
    P.S. You look very feminine and I would not give you a second look.

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