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Thread: Long Hiatus Do I Belong Here?

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    Senior Member Kris Burton's Avatar
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    Aug 2021
    New Jersey
    I have heard there was a time when it was rather rugged here. In the eight months I have been aboard, a total crossdressing neophyte with probably a lot of repetitive questions, I have experienced nothing but welcome and inclusion. I'd say you are in a real good place, and it will be great to hear your voice and perspective.

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    "Do I belong here?" Your post is a pretty long-winded, roundabout way of asking a question only you can answer. Do what the rest of us have done for years, observe, learn. If you like it, stay. You are and always will be welcome here. If you don't, leave. Simple.
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    - Just a thought. Since you seem to have a strong sense of self, why not hang around and represent those of us who are underserved? You may cause some of the casual lurkers who feel the same to join up. You might help someone who lacks your degree of confidence.

    Despite our similarities, we really are pretty diverse bunch in my opinion. I suspect I am a bit of an outlier in some ways, since few do what I do. Still, I like it here. Besides, if not here then where?

    Good luck to you whatever you do. Like others said, I also welcome you.



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    I'm just a quiet crossdressing male that enjoys wearing victorian or princess style dresses when I do present myself as female. Some dress up all the time, some just dress up on occasion. Some go out publicly all the time, some just stay closeted in their homes. Either way it's how you feel on if you belong here or not and it sounds like you do belong here by that description. Everybody has their level of enjoying this!

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    Senior Member Linda K.'s Avatar
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    I am not sure of what this site was like back when you decided to leave, or the treatment you had gotten to cause you to stop visiting, because I have only been a member for less than a year. Natalie is right, the moderators here are diligent on keeping this forum respectful for everyone and I too am thankful for that. Since I have joined, I have made some real good friends here and everyone has been so supportive of me and my journey, which humbles me. I think you will find this a more welcome place than it was before.

    For me, I don't see anyone here as a CD, TG, TS, Sissy, or whatever label that is out there for us. If you identify as one of those, I am okay with it, but I don't look at anyone with any of those labels. I am here to learn from others. I am here to get, and give, support to others. I am here in the hope of making friends, which I have. I hope you find that this site has changed for you and this is really the place to be for the support you are looking for. Welcome back and stay, I think you'll love it here!!

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    I feel I am in the same boat as you Jamie. I enjoy wearing my women things but I am still a male through & through. I am a crossdresser that wears a combination of both sides of clothing. I will put it this way, on Friday I wore one of my women's short sleeve t-shirts to work with panties & men's jeans. When I left work I put on a bra, breast forms, & my 3 1/2 block heel boots to go run some errands. Welcome back. As previously mentioned you are going to always get people that are really one sided. It is what it is.

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    All positive replies here, I still try outrageous outfits to wear, some I like and others I wonder what others might think of me dressed as some deviant.

    That thought is basically my own and what we do we do to satisfy our curiosity.

    What ever you think you are, the way you describe yourself you certainly fit in and should discuss your adventures with others here so as we realise we are all like minded.
    Work on your elegance,
    and beauty will follow.

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