This past weekend I told the wife of a high school friend about myself. It was the first time I told anyone other than those I've been intimate with, or people who had never met the guy me.

Here is the background. The husband, call him D, I have known since high school (about 45 years). His wife K told my wife and I last fall their child A was non-binary (born a female). Every fall we visit a mutual friend and his wife in Phoenix; this weekend we were again in Phoenix for the friend's 65th birthday.

There had been clues their child was trans (or gay). K's Facebook page features pride flags and support for the Trevor Project for LGBT kids. Again, last fall K said their child (they/they're/them) was non-binary. In December I was at their house helping them on some financial stuff and A walked in, sporting a beard. I hadn't seen A in a while but given K's comments I wasn't surprised.

For the last five months or so asking myself whether I should tell K, so she knew I was an ally and that I might have some additional insight, and that I know individuals who have or are transitioning. I figured the time was right, and that she would keep it a secret.

The two of us went to walk our friend's dogs so I asked if I could tell her a secret, and she said yes, so I told her. We talked about it for a few more minutes, and then a couple of days later for about 45 minutes. She said she felt honored that I trusted her.

I have purchased a gift card from my friend Michelle for services at her salon. I have told Michelle about K and vice versa, and both are eager to meet each other. Michelle said we ought to get pedis at the same time and I answered that then they couldn't talk about me. I told K what Michelle said, and my response, and K laughed and said "we are definitely going to talk about you".

I definitely felt it was the right thing to do. We'll see where it goes from here.