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Thread: What has your SO borrowed

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    Jan 2011
    My wife borrows my earrings all the time. I have more pairs than she does and she's always losing hers. Last time she lost one of her gold sleepers, she just decided to appropriate mine. I had to buy another pair. This sounds annoying but I like to share things with her. OK, the sleepers were annoying. They're not cheap those things but I wouldn't be without them.

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    Apr 2022
    All of my girlfriends have thoroughly enjoyed going through my ginormous panty collection and taking some of them for themselves.

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    Northern New England
    We share dresses. She wore one of mine just the other day

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    May 2022
    She mainly steals my male socks!

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    My wife and I are nowhere near the same size. I?m a size 16 at 6?4?, she?s a size 4 and 5?5?. First the most part it?s just jewelry that we share although on a couple of occasions she has borrowed a crinoline to fill out a skirt. A safety pin or two is usually needed so it doesn?t just slide off of her.

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    My wife and I are quite far away when it comes to sizes in clothes. But we openly share accessoires. Nail polish, purses and clutches, scarfs and of course jewelery. Etc. But makeup is personal to us both.

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    We share almost everything in our closets and dresser except panties, shoes and jeans; She iss 5'6" and I'm 5'9 1/2" so her jeans are a little short on me. Her shoe size is 9 and I'm size 12 😪 These days I have to buy some things for only me since I have gained some weight (trying to diet though lol) We also have our own makeup since she is fair skinned and I'm a bit darker than she.

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