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Thread: If you told your SO that wearing long silky nighties to bed helped you sleep would sh

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    I think that my wife might possibly let me sleep in the garage, only because we don't have a dog house.

    It's more likely that she would let me sleep in the street.
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    Robbie, I suppose that you would not like to be BS'd and manipulated yourself? So, why do it to your beloved wife?
    You could tell her that you'd like to sleep in nighties, and answer her questions honestly. I know it isn't easy. But it may be more than all the imaginative shenanigans you otherwise invent to try to reach your goal.
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    I already wear a nightgown many nights so there is no issue. She fully accepts it.

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    Actually that is exactly what I told my SO. She actually helped me pick out my first nighty. Then I bought a long night gown and it feels wonderful. She's fine with it now, she pretty good about everything she just doesn't like seeing me in makeup. I can wear my dresses, panties, bra, jewelry and even curl my hair just no makeup while she's around.

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    I have worn panties for years now, as I had been told to wear support hose for poor leg circulation long time ago, and soon after moved to panties which were much more comfortable under the control tops due to the lack of extra material in the fly area. About 10 yrs ago my GP advised me to "take care of my expanding breast" so I started to wear bras as well, all with my wife's blessings. More recently, about 5 yrs ago I started to wear camies to bed for sleeping in, as they were sleeveless and more comfortable than the tee shirts I had typically worn and usually pitted out overnight. I found these at the Cathrine's stores which are not closed but available for online ordering, and have at least 4 of these now, as they wear forever it seems, and are really comfortable (most of my panties are from there as well). Not sure wife would accept the next step of going to a longer length sleep gown, but maybe when it turns cold again, I might suggest it??
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    I have zero chance of something like that argument being successful. Zero.


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    I have an absolutely gorgeous long silky long slip I wear to sleep I don't have to say anything. This is pure pleasure
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    My wife bought my last two nighties. I wear one to bed almost always. Oh and they do help me sleep.

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    Up front I can appreciate your male crossdresser logic: quid pro quo, right?

    Oddly enough I often felt that when we're asleep what difference would it make to my Missus should I doff the boxers and partake in more satiny panties and pj set. Apparently it makes a lot of difference for her so I don't do it, not even panties under male boxers.

    My wife lets me do quite a few things re: dressing so it is appropriate to respect her wishes on sleep attire. The key word in your proposal is: argument. This one I willingly choose to avoid
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    This was initially how my wife started me on the road to almost full time dressing by asking me to wear pantyhose/nylons to bed to keep her warm this then progressed to nighties to which I now have at least 20 some of which are matching with hers and am required to wear them every night I must admit that on the extremely rare occasion I am not fully dressed for bed I now do not sleep as well so there is definitely some truth in it I guess it is what you get used to.

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    My wife has know about my crossdressing from early on in our relationship. It was new to her in the beginning but she has been very accepting. A few years back I switched to VS pink silk pajamas in the winter, long sleeves and long pants and stopped in the summers. Just last year I switched to a short nightie in the summer and now I sleep in a nightgown every night.

    Side note: I?m going on a guys trip this weekend and I won?t be sleeping in women?s wear for the first time in at least six months.

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    I'm still laughing Steffi - Hey... I have carpentry skills and would build a free doghouse for a wanton sister.

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