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Thread: If you told your SO that wearing long silky nighties to bed helped you sleep would sh

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    If you told your SO that wearing long silky nighties to bed helped you sleep would sh

    Would she probably understand and get use to the idea pretty quickly ?
    My SO wears manly PJS because she says they are way more comfortable.
    So I doubt any woman could argue that a pretty Olga or Shadowline Nightie is not super comfy to wear and that since she wears manly pjs I should be able ro wear somewhat feminine pjs.

    Has anyone tried this argument, if so what was the reaction ?

    Also how long do you think it would take before she even stopped noticing you floating around in the Nightie ?

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    I don't know, Robbiegirl, but I am very tempted to find out.

    This past week I had to travel for business and had to dress "business casual," which meant dress shirt and slacks (and of course panties and a low-key cami underneath). Because it was my first overnight travel in over two years, I celebrated by buying a new nightie for the trip. I must say that wearing my new nightie while ironing my drab business clothes in the hotel room was a totally new experience; so was shaving while wearing the nightie.

    I am out to my bride of 31-years since February. Much - but not all - of the conversation focused on the comfort and colors of lingerie being more to my liking than traditional men's' clothing. While she seemed open - we are still establishing our own comfort zones with my dressing; so far panties are OK 24/7, as are casual tops and camis as long as they "could" be also viewed as passing for drab. Other lingerie was mentioned, but not specifically addressed. Beyond that, it is unexplored territory, with a general "DA" of "don't advertise" outside home. Because I shop for panties at Lane Bryant for the two of us now and I have often bought her lingerie over the last 30+ years, she knows that I know my way around the ladies' department and that I will shop in public. I shop in male mode.

    Just before bedtime on the day I returned home, my wife showed me a new long top that she said she might actually wear as a nightie. She did leave it on the hanger for that night. What wanted to say was, "What a coincidence, I just bought a new nightie for the trip; want to compare?" But, I was unsure what her reaction would be and mine was still in the dirty clothes bag and did not look it's best, so I kept quiet. I do wonder if I should wait until she wears her new nightie, compliment her nicely, and then test the waters. Any thoughts from the group? Too much too fast?
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    Actually, my very first CD experience was jokingly putting on a gown not unlike #2 to amuse my then girlfriend - later my wife. She thought it funny at the time, and asked if I liked it. I said no - but I lied.My wife knows I find it too much fun and arousing to dress like this, so I know she wouldn't believe me now if I said I just wanted to be comfy. She would probably be amused at first, but enough would be enough in a short time.

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    My SO has been pretty accepting. In the beginning she said no wig or makeup, but then said it?s fine. I think she knows I have an addictive personality, so she helps me reign it in. On the nightgown, I?m sure she?d be fine with it except that I?ve only worn pjs a few times to bed and a nightgown would be too much. I?m panties only.
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    We had the gender discussion before we got married but it was still a surprise to her when I started wearing XS VS PJs. The satin red PJs were quite feminine!
    We talked about it and set down ground rules. She was OK with growing my hair out and wearing panties. We had to talk again if I wanted HRT.


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    I?ve been lucky enough to wear my gf?s babydoll nightie here and there. She suggested it. It?s a lovely feeling. I like the one of the left. I prefer the longer length as otherwise I find it rides up too much at night.

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    In my case I have a boyfriend, I wear beautiful/romantic lingerie to bed most nights (satin pjs otherwise) and he loves it, so no issues here.

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    She wouldn't believe me. She knows I can't sleep in shirts and don't wear PJ's, so she'd know it was just because I wanted to wear the nightie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OrdinaryAverageGuy View Post
    She wouldn't believe me. She knows I can't sleep in shirts and don't wear PJ's, so she'd know it was just because I wanted to wear the nightie.
    same, i could have written that ^^

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    There was no argument.
    Actually she suggested I might like wearing a nightgown years ago and she was absolutely correct. I've had Olga's and others and love them. I prefer them in the cooler months and a chemise or baby doll in the warmer months.
    I'm so glad she made the suggestion.
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    I?ve been able to wear bra and panties and forms to bed the last year or so?. But mostly under a Victoria?s Secret night shirt or similar with an occasional maxi type nightgown in modal fabric? my wife has definitely felt my bra straps and clasp and the other night snuggled for a bit with her head touching my form on my left side?. Nothing ever is said. and I always sneak to bed before or after her so she doesn?t see me (more out of my own shame probably but I tell myself that I?m ?sparing her? the sight). Haven?t tried anything too satiny yet but I will

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    She would buy me the nightgown.
    Please call me Jamie, I always_have crossdressed, I always will, "alwayshave".

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    Same here... buys me gowns, panties, clothes...

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    She has bought me nightgown - even one or two sexy ones (not instant acceptance but we talk and learn from each other)

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    I always wear a nightdress, and interestingly enough it was at my wifes suggestion. After I had had an operation, I was finding my male pjs a little bit uncomfy, she suggested a nightie, and thats all I have worn since. Even took a plain coloured one when I had another short stay in hospital for further surgery.
    Before the store closed down, we both used to buy identical nighties from BHS, but were careful not to wear the same colours at the same time. Now I tend to buy from Marks and Spencer, and prefer the ,longer styles.

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    Who doesn't like a nightdress or nightie..way to go girl.

    Also congrads on your 1,000th, its a milestone.


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    Pretty sure that her response would be that me not living here any more would make her sleep better!

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    Well - since we sleep in the same bed, she knows what I'm wearing to bed.

    I've tried PJ's before. For some reason, they really bug me and I can't sleep. So - it's either nighties, or I'll have to sleep in just panties.

    BUT - I don't think that arguing "you wear PJ's, so I should be able to wear nighties" will get you anywhere. In fact it's likely to just get her angry.
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    My wife is accepting and has bought me nightgowns. We have matching nightgowns. And most nights I lounge around in a pair of L'eggs Sheer Energy STW pantyhose, nightgown and ballet flats. Yes, I am very lucky as my wife understands I am wired a little different

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    As I have related many times my wife and I are in a deep "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" since the mid 1980's. Before that, we had incorporated nighties with hosiery and garter belt into the bedroom scene; a little kink with mutual benefits. It wasn't until our three year old daughter yanked a bra out of the bottom draw of my armoire that "The Talk" ensued. In her mind it went from a little sexual kink to emulating a woman; "If I wanted to be married to a woman, I would have married a woman!"

    For medical reasons my wife and I sleep apart. That allows me to sleep every night in a nightgown or, like last night, in a bra, panty and full slip. If I were in your heels, I would approach the issue by snuggling up to her in bed when she is wearing a slinky soft nylon gown (my preference) and telling her how you like the feel of the material. Maybe, she would suggest that you buy one or you and her could buy one when shopping together. My wife and I did that before "The Talk" issues arose.

    My only outlet is to wear a nightgown or slip to bed. I have 36 nightgowns. (Yes, I know I have gone into retail therapy.) If I was you, I'd try to break the ice by staying away from an overly feminine nightie. My wife offered me, when she was disposing of nighties that no longer fit, her white peignoir that I had bought her when we were first married. I also have a similar pink peignoir we bought together for me. I have a nice selection of Shadowline nylon nightgowns that I love for their softness. They are not overly feminine; my opinion, not my wife's if she were to see them.

    Maybe, she would take the hint and enter a discussion of the type of nightgown to buy. Don't try to become overly feminine at the risk of her losing her scruffy man in her bed.

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    When the weather was colder I simply bought a couple of satin nightshirts and began to wear them to bed. Nothing was ever said. In the warmer weather we both tend to shun clothing in bed.
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    No, she wouldn’t buy it. She knows it might make me more comfortable going to sleep, but not actually sleeping.

    I have slept in my birthday suit for decades now. I find it the most comfortable. Not that a long, silky nightgown wouldn’t be fun or feel sexy, just that I would get potentially tangled up in it or extra heated. With that said, I have slept in a long nightgown before when she was out of town, but all in all I still prefer my birthday suit.

    She never sleeps in lingerie or silky gowns, so no “matching” opportunities there, either. Even if she wears a silky item to bed temporarily, she always changes to softer more drab sleepwear before falling asleep.

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    She'd know I was lying!

    Because I get tangled up in them and they ruin my sleep!
    U can't keep doing the same things over and over and expect to enjoy life to the max. When u try new things, even if they r out of your comfort zone, u may experience new excitement and growth that u never expected.

    Challenge yourself and pursue your passions! When your life clock runs out, you'll have few or NO REGRETS!

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    This is exactly the way i tried to start. At first she was passive about it, but after seeing me in it multiple times, things turned south very quickly. We're rebounding currently but rebounding does not include time for Brit.

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    Before I stated wearing lingerie, I slept naked. Once I started wearing panties, I wore them to bed. The first time she caught me in bed with a nightie and stockings, she made it known she didn't want me wearing them to bed again. Things evolved, things changed, we talked, and I've been wearing panties, nighties, bras, and forms to bed every night since the first of the year.

    Would she buy it if I told her I sleep better in lingerie? No! I've always been an extremely deep sleeper. My BIL says I could sleep on a picket fence. The fact of the matter is, I sleep poorer in lingerie lately. However, I attribute that not to the lingerie but rather to the death of a wife of a good friend and the likely death of my wife's best friend who seems to be losing her battle with cancer.
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