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Thread: Out and About - Episode 3

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    Out and About - Episode 3

    After my second trip outside to a shopping center went so well I couldn?t wait to do it again so a few days later out I went to another shopping center. This time I wore black leggings instead of my denim skirt, with a cream colored tunic top to hide my boys, a nice turquoise necklace, a headscarf & sneakers. But when I got there I realized I put on my old grungy guy sneakers instead of my more lady-like pair. So I zipped into Kohl's and bought a pair of black fabric ladies sandals with the cork-looking material for the sole. Now I was ready.

    First stop was Old Navy. I didn?t expect to find to find much I liked there but wanted to browse. This stop proved to be the highlight of the day however. As I was looking a nice, young gay guy asked me if I needed help. Shook my head no and eventually went into the fitting room to try on a dress and a skirt. The dress fit but I didn?t like the color so back outside I had to ask the same guy if they had it in black which meant now he knew who I was. No problem, he checked & didn?t have any. After some more looking, I started to leave when I saw him again and took the opportunity to quietly ask him if he had clocked me before I had asked him about the dress. I explained that I can look in the mirror & see how I appear but asking a member of the public for their opinion would be helpful. He said that when seeing me a few times with a couple of quick glances before opening my mouth he hadn?t register me as a CD. Now that made me feel good because that is what we strive for knowing that 99% of us will never fully pass. I thanked him for being so honest, he told me to have a great day and I walked out feeling wonderful.

    Then I walked into into TJ Maxx. It was crowded, I was the only guy in the store filled with crazed women all looking for bargains but all went well. If I was clocked I wasn't aware of it. I spent over an hour trying on lots of dresses, skirts and shoes. I bought one dress, a LBD that is beaucoup sexy. I don?t know yet where I can wear it but I cannot wait to get an opportunity to do so.

    So that was it for that day?s travels. In a few days I plan on going to a large indoor mall for an afternoon of shopping and possibly eating lunch in a restaurant for the first time. Stay tuned!

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    Nice going Fiona, it is fun and exciting is it not. Seems to me you are going to grow into into it. I love it.


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    That's nice and all.

    You need to get the idea that it makes any difference at all if people know or don't know who you are. They pretty much don't care and they don't need an explanation. It's TMI.

    Don't worry about it have fun. You'll figure out what works for you and what doesn't.

    Love Jean

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