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Thread: Well its Memorial Day weekend

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    Well its Memorial Day weekend

    Its a holiday weekend Ladies what do you plan to wear and do this weekend?

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    Sadly, I have to be in DAB Mode. Must attend Memorial Day Functions for Veterans Groups.
    But I might be able to dress for a short time on Sunday evening.
    I will be under dressed at all times; It is the only way to keep my sanity.

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    Let see there is go to get formal wear for second chance prom. Then there is church on Sunday. Then Monday I'm going to try and throw together a cookout and game movie night for our local transgender center. What do I plan to wear? Well I haven't thought about all if that yet.

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    E TN

    I will be going to a Veterans breakfast this am..wearing under dressed: panties, thigh highs and women's Vonica tennis shoes...
    and Lands End womens blue jeans, only thing male will be my golf shirt......

    So much fum...


    P.S. Be sure to thank vets for their service and to welcome them home......

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    Frist off, it is a memorial remembrance weekend for the fallen. Wear something to honor. A pin, try fitting into your dress mess with ribbons maybe? I gave my my class As to another member before I retired, so he can wear the jacket at an awards ceremony.

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    Going to seed!
    No plans other than to work around the house and yard.

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    We will go to a memorial service for our fallen Veterans. As always we will find other vets and thank them for their service.
    Teri Ray Rural Idaho Girl.

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    My wife and I are both veterans. Memorial Day is the day to remember those men and women who have fallen while on active duty in support of their country. Do not wish veterans or men and women on active duty a "Happy Memorial Day." It's is not our day. Our day is Veteran's Day; November 11th. Men and women on active duty have Armed Forces Day; the third Saturday in May. And, there is really nothing "happy" about it.

    Outside my branch of the local library system there is a monument inscribed with the names of the local men who fell during WW2. Considering the relative size of the community in the early and mid 1940's that was a massive contribution to the war effort. Every Memorial Day and Veteran's Day I place three flags at the base of the monument; hoping they are not stolen, until at least after the day of remembrance.

    5/29 Just to be in compliance I am and will be wearing a pair of black nylon panties; nothing patriotic about them.
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    Mod note:

    The OP asked about what those here are wearing for Memorial Day. If anyone wants to take the thread off topic and talk about Memorial Day, please start a new thread in the Lounge.

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    Well, let?s see ? at the moment I?m wearing a caftan with a pink, white and black pattern. Later I?ll change. I hear a LBD calling me, but I?ll probably save that until tomorrow. I?ll probably go with a denim skirt and a white tank top (my "tough-chick" outfit). Tomorrow I?ll either go with the LBD or with my favorite white dress (fitted top and pleated skirt.) Monday I?m thinking about my US-flag leggings and a top with poofy sleeves. But I might go with a skirt and top instead.

    Actually, I?m thinking about having a "skirt week". I usually wear pull-over style dresses, but I have dozens of skirts that don?t get worn enough. So every now and then I have a skirt-week where I make it a point to wear a skirt and top every day.

    And of course red lipstick. Somehow, I?ve managed to accumulate too much red lipstick, and I?m trying to use it up. Also, I?ve gotten so I feel naked without dangle earrings and a necklace. Right now I?m wearing red lipstick, a black cultured pearl necklace with matching bracelet and dangle earrings with a gold colored oval mesh pattern bottom. There?s a woman in my mirror staring back at me. And smiling.

    UPDATE: I went with my tough chick outfit, but added sheer pantyhose and black patent leather 4 inch heels. Don?t mess with this chick!
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    Veterans recognition and parade and cookout. I, too, am always underdressed (panties, thigh highs and my a cup underwire bra)

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    Well I'll be working. The fun of being self employed .All my clothes are female except for the tee shirt I have to wear on one of my client's jobs. I will be wearing woman's denim shorts and shoes.
    And as usual I will be changing into all female more comfortable clothes when I get home.
    Don't let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.

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    Not doing anything special this weekend. I'm a veteran and know a few people who did not come back. I think of them often and I'm sure they will be in my thoughts this weekend.
    Jenn A --- nothing fancy, just me.

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