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Thread: Boat trip

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    Boat trip

    Hello, haven't been here for a long time. So I am typing this sitting on the boat. I am wearing a one piece swimsuit. I would like to remove my shirt and shorts but 2 fishing boats are heading my way. 😕 all well. It was nice to have the time I did.


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    At least a one piece suit will not leave the same sunburn pattern of a bikini, if you do take your shirt and shorts off.

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    Well then it begs the question, what are they fishing for?

    Welcome back Christina!

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    I've always wanted to go out on my boat dressed.....just never have

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    Sounds like a fun day.
    Did you get sunburned?
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    Sounds like a intro to a........
    So why not remove your shirt & shorts, unless you are going to invite the fishing boat to dock next to you, they will still be too far away to see much of anything.........
    Live your life as best as you can, to be the person you desire to be, well w/o destroying the lives of others etc.....
    IMO if you ventured out in a "one piece swimsuit" then you DESIRE to be seen that way, so take off the covers and show yourself as you feel you should.
    To underdress then say 'what if' is not being true to who you feel you want to be.
    IMO take off the Shirt and Shorts and for sure take photos then post so we can all see the person you feel you should be.
    What's the saying, when we pass on...... Should we do what others expect, or do what we desire..........
    Myself I am well past 3/4 of my life expectancy, I only wish I had done what I desired when I was younger, rather than now looking back as to what might have been.
    Still for myself, I wish I lived in a area that was more accepting of the way I wish I could dress etc.....
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