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Thread: Do they sence it

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    You maybe on to something. Years ago late at night I bough a bra and panties at Walmart. The cashier smiled at me and said "have a fun weekend." I wondered if she meant anything by that comment. I like to think she knew they were for me.
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    I've not purchased a lot of my wardrobe in brick-and-mortar stores; but, I have at a few. I've made purchases at Walmart, Ross, a shoe store, and Kohl's. At Walmart I usually use the self check-out lanes but have bought panties using a check-out clerk. I've never had anyone make a comment. I suspect the size 12 shoes I purchased were a dead give away. If a SA ever made a comment to me indicating they suspected the item was for me, I'd have no issues confirming their suspicion. If they ever asked if I wanted to try something on, I'd gladly accept the invitation. Why would I care what a total stranger thinks of me?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SaraLin View Post
    The cashier insisted that I must be buying them for myself and wanted me to "try them on" - AWKWARD!!!
    He wouldn't listen to my reassurances that they were for my wife, and kept talking. If I HADN'T been getting them for her, I would have left in a huff.
    Odd - but there you go. No real harm done, but I wonder what his issue was.
    Maybe you bought the last pair and he had planned on buying them after the store closed? lol

    I have had great chats with at the check outs with both the SA's and fellow customers.... One woman behind me wanted to know where I found those cute boots I was buying... they were the last pair so she was out of luck.
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    About 10 years ago I was buying my Queen a red set of lingerie for Christmas as I usually did every year and the sales assistant said to me as I was paying "just your colour sir" and I instantly replied "ah thanks, I usually only wear pink" and the look of shock on her face was priceless, I let her of with "oh and white" and we both laugh. That innocent comment from her put me at ease since whether I am buying for myself or my Queen.

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    They know SA'sn are not daft. The thing is they have seen it all etcand although some of us find it nerve racking at the check out deep down there should be no worro; I remeberback in 2013 when i was begining to "come out" and a small degree of confidence was within i chose a nice clothing store of the main drag, somewhat quiet and when, looking at the skirts within minutes a delightful SA (she later got to be a friend) came to me and offered her help, i explained I wanted to buy a skirt, and this is when i took the plunge and straight out told her the skirt was for me, she gave me a quick glance to have a guess at my size and showed me skirts one of which I chose, paid for it and left. I never looked back after that, iot gave me the starting confidence to enjoy the journey of Bobbi
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    I think when I hand the sales attendant three dresses for me to bring into the changing room, she assumes I?m the one purchasing them . I?m slowly but surely becoming more comfortable with shopping for girls clothing, but it?s mostly a mindset of not caring, I may get some weird looks but no rude comments thus far.

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    Buying is easy it?s the returns the SA?s always have a comment for.

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    It's their job to learn to read their customers. Most of them work on commission, so the better they get at reading people, the more they make.
    Besides, I don't think us "gurls" buying frilly things is as uncommon as we like to think it is.
    The first time as SA commented to me, I was trying to be discreet buying a few pair of panties that were on sale.
    The SA asked if I needed anything and then commented that her other her male customers had really liked the matching bras that went with the panties, offering to let me try them on, if I'd like. I never even got to pull out my 'I'm buying these for my wife' line I had so carefully prepared.
    Yes, I bought a bra, too.
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    I made my comment at #16, however, SaraLin's comment at 18 jogged my memory of a story I have told in the past. Many years ago, decades, JC Penny had a print ad in our local newspaper. Remember those days? Newspapers? Print ads? I'm dating myself. Anyway, the add was for Vanity Fair "Shapers" which were control half slips. They came in black and white. Very sexy with lots of lace at the hems and a built panty. I tore the ad out of the newspaper and wrote the size "my wife wanted" and off I went to JCP. I selected it in white. To aid in this ruse I held the newspaper ad in my hand at the cashier's station. She smiled in a way that said she knew and said, "Oh, how nice. She even wrote the size down for you." Later, I went back and bought the black shaper and did not get any comments or smile or sneer.

    Before posting I checked ebay to make sure of the garment's name and behold there is a white one in size medium for $39 NWT's. I still have them in my wardrobe.

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    Is there is significant size differential between you and your wife? The size might have given it away.

    The saleslady's boss should talk to her about the importance of discretion. If she had made that comment to a different person/couple, it might not have been so funny.

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    Usually shop assistants or cashiers are pretty discreet, but it happened to me a few times when I was buying female clothes and shoes in drab, that I was openly asked if I want to try it on to see if it fit. First time really surprised me and I felt pretty embarrassed. I was buying high heel sandals at smaller shoe store and told shop assistant that I'm looking for a bigger size (EU42, big, but still a normal size for bigger women with larger feet). When she brought them out of the storage room, she directly asked if I will try them on to see if they fit. I immediately became hot red in the face, barely able to say yes, but I did it, since we were alone in the store. I just didn't expect that.
    Another "regular occasion" is at big self serving shoe stores where I often buy shoes. It happened a few times when I was at the cashier paying for the shoes and she ended the sale with sentence "enjoy wearing them". I think it was more like a slip of the tongue, because they probably say that to every customers. Well, still not the best thing to say to a man buying women's shoes. First time this happened, she saw my surprised reaction and she immediately corrected herself and added "or whoever will be wearing them". After that (different cashiers), I just replied "I will" and they usually gave me a smile, not saying anything else. Of course, it's always a possibility that they noticed when I was trying them on. I was between the shelfs, no direct view, but I don't know what they see and what not.
    When buying dresses and makeup at different shops, it also happened that shop assistants asked me if she can help me pick one out that will fit me best. And I was just browsing and looking at dresses, skirts and blouses, not even showing any signs that I want to try them on. When buying makeup, I was wearing clearcoat nail polish, but it's still not really an obvious sign that you will wear red nail polish or lipstick. Shop assistants openly asked me if I'm buying for myself, not even giving me a chance to say it's for someone else.
    I guess they can sense it when you're a crossdresser or just have enough experience with different customers to tell who is buying for self or someone else. But this trend of openness I noticed in recent years, not before. I guess younger people are more open about that than before.

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    My policy when receiving such a comment from an SA is to seriously own it with a straight face. It puts me in clear charge of the situation.

    I am not really perceptive so such joking could be mean or helpful and I would not be sure of which. If the SA is being mean, owning it takes the wind out of her sails, making it clear that any commission was just forfeited. Some will pivot quickly to save the transaction. Some will not. If the SA is being helpful, owning it immediately focuses us on the business of buying clothes.

    A competent SA knows what the store has, much better that I know. She will determine what would be best for me and focus on making me happy with purchases. Often, she will suggest great ideas that I would have missed on my own. I have even had some SAs work with me in the dressing room, fetching better fitting sizes and bringing other items that work well with what I am considering. My happiest purchases have come from a helpful SA.

    [SIZE=1]- - - Updated - - -[/SIZE]

    As for your wife and the SA making jokes with you present, I am not sure what to think. There seems to be more to this story than I understand. Their behavior seems mean to me, making jokes together at your expense, but that may be my background with my own immediate family biasing me.

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