I enjoyed my last trip out so much that I just had to do it again. I think it must be the adrenaline. So I got ready in advance (legs, arms, nail polish) for an early morning jaunt. I like the tranquillity of the morning, when so few people are around, even in the centre of town. It gives me time to settle my nerves. There was a storm the night before so it was kind of a damp morning but not cold. I was going to put on a black dress and my pink jacket. But at the last minute, I decided I'd go for my slinky bodycon dress. It certainly took a bit more courage than normal to leave my flat feeling so vulnerable with bare legs, arms and shoulders. But it does feel lovely. And I would have boiled in a jacket anyway. As always I forgot something: this time, perfume and rings.

The dress rides up at the bottom due to the slipperiness of the hip pads and also down at the top. It therefore needs an occasional hoik in both directions. Which means that both padding and bra can be seen from time to time. But I like the effect, as you can see in the pictures. I also put on a brunette wig for the first time.

There was only one untoward event: a yob banged on the Strassenbahn door and mouthed kisses at me as it was moving off! But he left it until after the doors had already locked, perhaps to be sure I didn't get back off! Anyway, I was soon wandering around wherever the fancy took me on this lovely cool morning.

Returning by a different route, I got off early to take a coffee in a pavement caf?. The waiter was most polite and asked if needed an ashtray. I noticed they had rainbow flags pasted to the tables, so I guess I was in the right place. The trams themselves are flying rainbow flags this week as well on account of Vienna Pride week.

Then I decided to pick up a couple of croissants. I could tell as soon as I entered the bakery that one particular girl was dying to serve me. She smiled multiple times, as did I, in an, it's obvious you're a man but I approve, kind of way. I wish I'd said something to her now (other than my order of course).

Finally, with the sun really starting to warm the day, I sat down in a quiet cornet to eat one of the croissants. One nice lady said good morning. And I heard another telling her little girl that I was a man in a dress. So I'm not fooling anybody 😊 But I had fun.