This might not sound like much to many of you here, but I just have to share it!
Since my interest, love actually, of crossdressing started, my wife has been at different times,quietly terrified, disapproving, curious, and mildly supportive. I try to understand her feelings and respect them. I have read many times on this forum that the most important thing to remember when it comes to your SO is to allow them time to understand how much this is a part of you.
The other day my wife was filling out a form for something, I forget what, and the question of my gender came up. Male, female, or other. ? What do you want me to answer,? she asked me. I told her to check male. Later, I asked her about it. We?re you being serious or sarcastic, I asked. She told me that maybe a little sarcastic, but mostly serious. I know things are changing for you.
Today we were having our afternoon coffee and she told me ? I really had fun with you the other night when you wore those stockings. You looked nice!? I have been on cloud nine ever since!
I know that we have a long way to go in our journey. But, it is moments like that that make me so happy that I am sharing this journey with someone like her!