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Thread: Have you ever helped a random GG shop?

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    Have you ever helped a random GG shop?

    There's a recent thread about getting comments from an SA or cashier about buying women's clothing.

    Have you ever helped a GG while she was shopping.

    I was shopping in the jewelry section of SteinMart when a GG came up with a dress and she was looking for a necklace to match it. I could tell because she kept holding up different necklaces to the dress to see how they looked. And, she was making atrocious choices, IMHO. I brought her a necklace from the rack of necklaces that I was looking at and asked her what she thought about it. She liked it and thanked me for my help. She liked it so much that she bought it and thanked me again for finding it for her when we met at the register.

    Another time I was shopping at SteinMart, I had printed out a bunch of online discount coupons. I has about finished shopping without finding anything when I noticed a couple coming in to the women's section. There was something about the man that made me think that he was a CD, nothing specific, but I just a feeling. So, I gave all of my coupons to the woman and told her that she could use the coupons if she found anything she liked. I was leaving so I don't know if they bought anything. It was my random act of kindness to a fellow traveler.

    I always gave my extra coupons away to a GG if I didn't use them all.
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    Never in male mode, but while shopping en femme I have been asked for my opinion on a top or skirt. I remember digging through racks, during the closing sale for a Coldwater Creek store. Another woman about my height and age doing the same thing remarked, “I don’t know what tall girls like us are going to do when this place closes!”

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    I was shopping at Kohl's when they didn't have dresses in the Juniors department and told a GG where she might find some.


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    All the time, in the OpShop!

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    I was in Kohl's lat week waiting for a fitting room to free up when a woman came out of her fitting room to look at how a top fit in the full-length mirror. She kept looking at it from different angles as if she couldn't make up her mind. I didn't like the top at all & when she walked back to her room I pointed at the blouse & shook my head no. She agreed with me & said she didn't like the way it looked.

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    Several years ago before Payless Shoes went out of business, I was shopping trying on sandals in women's size 11. I was in my normal feminine male more with a fem hairstyle, women's purse, women's pants, and fire engine red toenails. My women's sandals were on the floor as I was trying on new sandals. There is no way that I can pass for a woman. I am just myself, a feminine male. A GG in her mid 50's also started looking at size 11 dressy sandals and was trying them on. I was also trying on sandals. She put on a pair and then said "what do you think"?. I gave her my honest opinions and for about 1/2 hour we continued to try on sandals. When she would finish trying on a pair, I would try on the same pair. In the end we both found a pair that we really liked. Her name was Denise and she was going to attend her daughter's college graduation. We have a really nice chat, and then we parted. It was so nice to be accepted and to help her with her shoe shopping. I have not had such a shopping event since. Helping Denise with her shoes shopping is my best shopping memory.
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    A few years back a Mom and daughter approached me at a shoe store and asked my advice for wedding shoes. I was fully dressed enfemme with nice hair and makeup. They talked to me just like I was any other woman in the store. It was a very nice experience.

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    All the time, at the Grocery store, being over 6 foot I get asked to help get things from the top shelf.

    I did it a lot while working, it was my job. But I've also done it since quitting, both at Torrid and other stores. One of the times, my wife commented that, "you just can't help yourself can you?" I think it was a jacket or sweater.

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    Random GG, no. My wife, yes
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    Same with the height thing at the supermarket.
    I've had conversations with other women about clothes while in the change area.
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    Yes, many times.

    One time I'm in the makeup aisle.

    There's a lady looking at foundation . The makeup cases are locked so it requires sales associate. She's asking him questions and he doesn't have a clue.

    He looks at me and says she can help you.

    I asked her a couple questions, as she was looking at an all in one, type of foundation.

    I simply showed her, you use the inside of your wrist for a color match. it's pretty close to your face color. Than I helped her select the best one for her.

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