Yesterday I had most of the day to myself, it was a crazy week at work. When the house was empty I locked the front door and the outter screen. I dressed all pretty and made a coffee and sat on the couch and was going to catch up on some emails and just relax. I guess I was so tierd that the next thing I knew I opened my eyes stairing at the ceiling. I guess I was so tierd I must have fallen asleep but I wake up so confused of my situation. I look down at my body and see my IPad on my chest and when I look further I see the lace of my stockings and my dress rode up and I'm all exposed. Still in a bit of a confused state I start to look around the house, my heart starts to beat and I'm try to figure out if I'm dreaming and trying to remember how I got in this state and most of all "what time is it". My next instinct is to shout out "hello,hello" to make sure nobody's home. As I woke up more and made sure the door and the screen was still locked and turned on my IPAD to see the time and day then it all came back to me. Wow it was a crazy experience I must of been really tierd. Has anyone ever had something like this happen.