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Thread: The thrill of underdressing!?

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    Happy Halloween! docrobbysherry's Avatar
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    Question The thrill of underdressing!?

    Just read another post here about underdressing. Where the writer was so worried about "someone noticing"!

    Ok, I know some of u have SO's and u have been told not to, or have agreed not to, dress openly. But, that's a completely different topic!

    Some of u get a kick out of underdressing and I wondered what it is for u?
    The possibility of getting caught? You're big secret no one knows about? The feel of lady's things under your drabs?

    I tried it when I was just experimenting with dressing. Wore a bra, girdle, undies, and occasionally pantyhose under my guy things. After a week the secret thrill wore off and I gave it up. Those darn lady's things were very uncomfortable compared to my loose, comfy guy clothes!

    So, for those of u that enjoy underdressing and do it by choice, not because it's the only way u can dress and go out, why do u do it?
    U can't keep doing the same things over and over and expect to enjoy life to the max. When u try new things, even if they r out of your comfort zone, u may experience new excitement and growth that u never expected.

    Challenge yourself and pursue your passions! When your life clock runs out, you'll have few or NO REGRETS!

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    I do it because I just like the feeling that I'm wearing female clothes 24/7. Wearing panties and pantyhose under my pants still feels so feminine, regardless that I'm wearing them for years now. I just like female clothes more than male clothes, I guess.
    I can't (don't dare) wearing outer female clothes 24/7, otherwise I would wear them all the time too.

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    I love it because it is just me. In the winter when it is easier I even wear bigger forms ... hard to see under a jacket. LOL

    I do wear gg jeans all the time ... (sorry Karen) Not sure if anyone notices. I Always tuck.

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    I wear panties 24/7 and for me it is the connection to my feminine side, for some of us it is the small things that count.

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    I don't know if its a thrill exactly, but I have noticed that even my guy jeans and pants fit better when I am wearing my hip shaper girdle. They are not constantly sliding down, even when wearing a belt. It is a bit of a kick to wear these out and about, like you are getting away with something so many find taboo, but that's a psychological thing.

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    Well Doc, for me it's a bit of a "relief valve."
    I consider myself to be somewhere left of center on the Trans scale, but I'm limited in my freedom to express my "true" self. Underdressing helps relieve some of the dysphoric pressure.

    I underdress every day, but only in panties. There is no "thrill" or "excitement" involved. They're just my undies.
    Boy undies are boring and fit funny. I don't know what it is, but they feel "weird."
    I don't have enough up top to need a bra. Pads, shapewear, etc. aren't my thing. I'm not trying to look the part so much as I am just wearing what feels "right" to me.
    If my wife were OK with me doing a little more - such as ladies slacks or tops, I would. She's not, so I don't. To the outside world these days, I'm just another dude.

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    Senior Member Angela1954's Avatar
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    I guess my view of underdressing is somewhat different. I outwardly dress in a feminine manner. Wear leggings to the gym, at home, and at work. On my forays during the day my preference is denim leggings/leggings, whatever the nomenclature is. I find that is the best way to project my femininity.

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    Connie Connie D50's Avatar
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    I only wear panties when I underdress, I just love the way they feel and look. So many more colors and style's then mens underwear. It always bring a smile to me face when I chance for bed at the end of the day.

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    I do not underdress any more. The thrill is gone. The thrill is gone for dressing in general. But I still do it almost every day. I have move on to other avenues to get my thrills these days. Still involves crossdressing just a bit kinkier. Guess if that wears off I will have to become a crossdressing astronaut, a secret agent or something. Lol.

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    doc, You have been rather open that you are a fetishist, true? For me, the thrill of wearing panties disappeared many years ago. I underdress in my panties every day to calm my gender dysphoria. I suspect that is true for most of us who have been doing it for years. I do not get aroused by dressing. Panties provide no sexual thrill. Instead, I feel relaxed, assured, calmed. Nancy

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    Its a stress reliever for me. I underdress in panties and tights/pantyhose. Like many others it gives me a sense of calm and relieves the gender dysphoria. The thrill went years ago.

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    My fascination with really started at puberty; it was driven by hormones. Later, when I started wearing panties, it was about breaking the rules and experience the "taboo". I've always loved the look of matching panties and bras. In my mind, that was a natural next step.
    I also enjoy walking the halls at work knowing that my underwear is probably than what most of the women are wearing.
    It could also be related to having no intimacy in my marriage for the last 17 years.
    I just know I like it. I'm a happier person. My general demeanor is more kind and gentle than when I ignored my desire to wear bras and panties.

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    Thanks for posting because I never understood it.
    For Sherlyn she was herself no matter what just like I am just me no matter what piece of cloth I have on.
    Not saying anything is wrong with it ….do not get it twisted
    I just never understood it.
    So look forward to reading the answers.
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    Sherlyn,My beautiful sweet girl
    You forever and always will be my one and only true love . ❤️

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    I love to underdress! I pretty much always have a bra and panties on. It feels so right for me. In the winter I'll put my forms in too. I like to think about what I'm wearing when talking to someone that has no clue what I'm wearing.
    We can only achieve what we dare to reach for.

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    For me, dressing is not a matter of it being a thrill or anything even close to that. It is a matter of connecting more fully with that part of my identity, the female-like side of my total identity. Wearing a T-shirt that has bold and bright feminine colors does the same thing. It allows a connection between my inner self and the outside world. I sometimes wear a tree-of-life pendant necklace that has the fine silver chain, but with the pendant inside my shirt. People notice. Some frown, some smile, a few are curious. But I really don't care what they think. It is there for me and not impress anybody else or even give them a message about me. It has meaning.

    I don't worry about anybody seeing anymore than most women fret about maybe showing the elastic of the panty band when they bend over. It happens. It is part of life. I am not me for the benefit of others.

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    I underdress 24/7, not for the thrill, but out of practical necessity. I have no male underwear. It’s panties or nothing. I have no male socks. It’s pantyhose, or stockings and a garter belt or nothing. I have some footies for exercise, but I don’t wear them with male clothing. I sometimes wear a sports bra under my male shirt because it feels normal to do so.

    I got rid of my male underwear and socks, because they were ugly and I couldn’t imagine myself wearing anything like that anymore.

    I dress completely every day, for at least part of the day. I don’t do it for the thrill. I do it to feel normal. This probably doesn’t answer your question very well, but that’s how it is for me.
    What do I do on days when I don't crossdress? I have no idea.

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    I am not sure how to explain it, but I would not call it a thrill. It is just who I am, how I am most comfortable, and how I dress every day. It is no different than putting on/wearing a pair of pants.

    That said, I like selecting an outfit in the morning and picking what bra to wear with it. But it is not really any different than picking what top to wear with what pants or what shoes I wear.
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    I wear panties everyday, although just plain black bikini. Seems to be the only acceptable outlet for me. No thrill, just what I wear.

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    There are functional reasons; i.e., I think panties are more comfortable than men's briefs.
    I like the extra support on my 'man parts'(actually, I tuck most of the time and it helps keep the boys out of sight).
    I also hate how men's' briefs show over the top of my jeans and especially how boxer briefs bunch up in my crotch.

    Mostly though, I underdress because my situation won't allow me to fully dress when I leave my apartment so I do what I can to be as much of the real me as I can. Same reasons I wear nail extensions in a matte clear finish and have my toes painted. If I had enough hair, I'd probably grow that out, too.

    What I'm finding equally interesting are the comments on why some of you don't.

    We are on a wonderful glorious spectrum.
    Some of us are fetish dressers, some do it for sexual reasons or the thrill of the taboo.
    Some 'need' to get as close to passing to make it worth while and others just want to feel more in sync with themselves.
    Conversations like this give us an opportunity to better understand our sisters and come closer as a community.

    Thanks for asking the question.
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    I am Me and Me is OK!


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    I'm with SaraLin on this one. It isn't about a thrill, It's about relief. I may not be trans enough to transition, but I am trans enough that something just isn't right when in an exclusively male mode. When it's the only available outlet, underdressing mitigates that feeling. It's the same reason I wear gold hoop earrings all the time, even in drab.
    I am a vessel of the goddess. Let me express my calling to a feminine life through nurturing love and relatedness.

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    I like the feel of a nylon panty on my butt. My first attraction to women's clothing as a little kid was my mother's slips. I loved the feel of the nylon fabric. I had no associated any other motivation or feeling with this interest. It was the feel of the nylon. As my interests expanded, it was and still is dominated by nylon garments. This morning I am still attired in my bed clothes; white bra and panty under a Velrose full slip, worn under a Shadowline long pale pink nightie. Double layer of nylon; triple layer over my butt.

    I read about a lot of under dressing on this site. I retired in 2008. Since my wife was still working I had full days of femme time, so when I started reading this site, the under dressing motivation was not in response to any oppression of self expression. I thought to myself, let's give it a try. It was the winter so wearing my guy jeans and sweat shirt was enough to conceal any under garments. I usually wore a black bra and black panty under a black camisole. Hosiery started out with black thigh highs. When a little slippage occurred I added a black garter girdle to hold up the hosiery. My jeans are "regular fit" so the few tabs did not show through the baggy jeans. I did try pantyhose, but that made it inconvenient to use the rest room; no wonder it took my wife so long to relief herself when out at the mall or movies. In the end, under dressing was at all fulfilling. The experienced turned into just wearing clothes; male or female.

    Why just the panty now? Men's briefs are fine until stretching of the fabric occurs. I find Vanity Fair 13109's are more comfortable than men's cotton briefs. I am awaiting on order of Vanity Fair cotton briefs (Style 15318) to arrive to give them a go. Nylon is not sweat absorbent when working in the yard, so I thought I'd give cotton a shot.

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    actually, the thrill has not been the same lately unless i am.going out. i have been wearing a lot more mens boxer briefs and actually wife has been positively responding. guess she likes to have a man around

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    When I was younger and in school, I underdressed every day and truly enjoyed the restrictive feel of being in a girdle or bodysuit and nylons. Later, as I spent time out and about as Monica, I lost interest in underdressing.

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    Well Doc, you seem to like wearing a latex suit and go out to public events. I'm guessing that this is something that 'floats your boat'. For me, I like the feel of snug nylon panties, cami's, or pantyhose that moves with me nicely against any outer clothes that I may be wearing. That tactile feeling 'floats my boat', I don't expect you to understand, just love and accept me for who I am!
    I like myself, regardless of the packaging that I may come in! It's what is on the inside of the package that counts!

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    Also in the, relief it gives me boat. I don;t get to dress very often so I try to do as much as I can. Something about wearing panties and bra, even under male drab is soothing.

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