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Thread: The thrill of underdressing!?

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    Since I never go public in femme, I enjoy underdressing very much. I can do it for up to five days, but then it starts to feel routine, the thrill diminishes, so I go back to all-male wear. I would rather stop and then start again when slipping on the femme wear is a thrill again.

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    For me underdressing is about the thrill of being out in public dressed as a man with my own little feminine secret. But there?s also the thrill of potentially getting caught by strangers. I?ve enjoyed putting on panties with lo rise jeans and heading to ?masculine? places like hardware stores, then bending over to reach for something on the bottom shelf, allowing all to see the panties showing above the jeans. No one has ever said anything to me, but I?m sure people have noticed. As someone who until very recently was only a panty guy, wearing panties under my guy clothes is a regular activity, but I do admit that certain panties aren?t as comfortable as others!

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    I myself don't underdress. Whether this is common or whether I'm a rare exception is not clear to me. But I should really discuss that somewhere else...

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    Sherry, your straight up question provoked a long line of thoughts.

    As a teen there was certainly a thrill. I recall many early mornings delivering papers on my bicycle while wearing various underthings particularly panties, pantyhose and sometimes a slip under baggy jeans. It felt exciting, secretive, it felt as if I had an invisible tap on something new and exciting that was just for me. Particularly nice when it was during the colder, darker months of winter and this unbeknownst-to-the-world thrill had a utilitarian purpose as well of added warmth. If a customer just happened to pop out at 5am and said hello my self-consciousness certainly had its way with me in believing they could see right through my jeans and that was another level of exhilaration. Any which way it was an invigorating experience.

    After several more decades of exploration, some of it involving underdressing, it feels rather different. Given the arrangements I have with my wife, my dressing is very much a hobby and as much as I enjoy full ensembles at home (no desire to go out) underdressing still has its place. As much as hobbies are relaxing, enjoyable and are often done during our leisure time it is nice to occasionally share hobbies with others as much as it is to find quiet, personal satisfaction in them. When I underdress these days (panties, sometimes hose, a camisole) it feels very much as if I'm enjoying a hobby anywhere I go and it is in the unbeknownst presence of others. While that last thought may suggest a thrill when others are present it is more the polite, sweet revelation that the person before me is likely getting a bit more of the true me than they realize. What I wear, male or female, is also part of my personality and that aspect does not provide any kind of thrill. I am who I am and I just want to be.

    One added dimension is that the society I choose to live in has many rules, regulations, mores and social norms of which I ultimately accept even if not in total agreement. Crossdressing is one of those activities that has often been shunned by society, by friends, by a lover or a spouse which, thusly, was a personally accepted restriction placed upon me in, another regulation of my behaviour. When underdressing it is one more moment when I enjoy one more piece of freedom to be who I am, to simply dress as I choose, even if incomplete when compared with full dressing.

    Underdressing is simply one of lifes small, relatively unnoticed joys now and while not thrilling it still has a function and a positive result.
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    I wear nude (beige) lipstick much of the time because I like the feel of lipstick on my lips. I wear panties when I am able because I like the way they feel next to my skin. I'll also wear clear nail polish when I have time to do my nails. I can't dress in front of my wife or in a work setting. I don't think of it as underdressing anymore as its just how I dress. Ok, and it is a little bit of a thrill to be wearing lipstick and panties as a guy in drab. I've tried wearing a bra and panty hose under guy clothes and that wasn't really fun.

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    Same here , I like ladies mesh thongs for comfort and tights under shorts or pants for fitness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crissy 107 View Post
    I wear panties 24/7 and for me it is the connection to my feminine side, for some of us it is the small things that count.
    Same. It's not about thrill for me, it's about being as feminine as possible as often as possible without breaking social norms too much. If I wasn't as socially anxious as I am, I think I'd have been wearing women's clothes in public for years, maybe even decades. Still wish I had opened up to my parents when I was a child/young teen rather than hide, maybe transition would've been in the cards back then. Now it's too late, testosterone ruined my body too much.

    Though panties are often more comfortable than male underwear, anyway. Not always, some fits poorly and thongs get quite uncomfortable after a while (which is why I very rarely wear a thong), but usually.

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    Women wear a bra and panties under jeans and a sweatshirt dont they? So why can I?

    No Heel is Too High.... When it's Pointed at the Ceiling

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    Now I have procedural question: After your original thread has been turned into a "panty thread" thru no fault of your own, will it ever vanish from this board?
    U can't keep doing the same things over and over and expect to enjoy life to the max. When u try new things, even if they r out of your comfort zone, u may experience new excitement and growth that u never expected.

    Challenge yourself and pursue your passions! When your life clock runs out, you'll have few or NO REGRETS!

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