So a little background, I came out to my wife about 7-8 yrs ago and it didn?t go well. I was closeted and it was out of no where when I told her and she had no idea I dressed. So the great purge happened. Fast forward to this year I decided I was going to shave off body hair (I?m not a fan, I think it?s kinda gross). So I shave my legs and she suggested I wax the top half because of ingrown hairs. While on vacation I needed a pair of shorts so she offered hers (um, yes). I mentioned how soft they were and I?d have to get a pair. On another weekend trip I was needed underwear so my kid suggested I wear mommy?s. My wife said I don?t care go ahead. A few weeks ago I bought her a new bra and I bought myself a pair of boy shorts. She thought they were for her and I said they were for me. She said you just wanted to let me know and I said yes. She said I don?t think they?ll fit, (I bought Medium). She didn?t say it in a snotty or nasty way just an FYI. Then at Costco this weekend she bought some of the same shorts from the trip I wore and I told her I grabbed a pair for me and she said ok. So, I?m wondering if the tide is turning. I?d love to wear panties 24/7 but I?m not rushing things. We?ll see how this goes.