Yesterday I went out dressed with a nice summery top; compliments of my wife. Now usually when I go out dressed I shop and perhaps have lunch. Yesterday was different. I was in the market for a new IPhone. I walked into the local Apple store; which was crowded as usual and asked a few questions fully expecting to leave and come back later in male mode. But something clicked in my mind. I decided it was about time that I more fully engaged Angela. So I stayed there browsing for about 15 minutes and finally asked an employee to help me. She was wonderful. It took about another 15 minutes while the retrieved the phone and some accessories. We chatted about other products. As I noted the store was quite crowded but I felt a level of comfort in a crowded environment that I had not felt before. I walked out with my merchandise, head held high and an increased level of confidence that was both exhilarating and peaceful.