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Thread: Another small step

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    Another small step

    Yesterday I went out dressed with a nice summery top; compliments of my wife. Now usually when I go out dressed I shop and perhaps have lunch. Yesterday was different. I was in the market for a new IPhone. I walked into the local Apple store; which was crowded as usual and asked a few questions fully expecting to leave and come back later in male mode. But something clicked in my mind. I decided it was about time that I more fully engaged Angela. So I stayed there browsing for about 15 minutes and finally asked an employee to help me. She was wonderful. It took about another 15 minutes while the retrieved the phone and some accessories. We chatted about other products. As I noted the store was quite crowded but I felt a level of comfort in a crowded environment that I had not felt before. I walked out with my merchandise, head held high and an increased level of confidence that was both exhilarating and peaceful.

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    I'd say this was a rather large step, and if you were dressed as you were in you other pictorial today, you passed easily. Kudos!

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    Wow! Good for you!

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    Crowds are our friends and no more so that somewhere like an Apple store where folks are far more interested in the products than looking at who else is buying. Confidence is infectious, you displaying it radiates onto those you interact with. They feel your confidence and respond accordingly.
    Who dares wears Get in, get out without being noticed

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    I agree that crowds are our friends. I think something clicks once we realized that we stand out more when we stand alone.

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    Congratulations! There is no substitute for hiding in plain site. Crowds are your friend. The lonlier your environment, the greater the attention and scrutiny placed on you.

    It's the difference between "why is there a man in a wig and a dress over there" and "just another woman in a crowd."

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    Congratulations on the big step. I think the Apple store is a perfect place for that. Everybody is more interested in the merchandise plus the sales people are very engaging and non-judgmental. Its part of their corporate culture.
    Jenn A --- nothing fancy, just me.

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    Angela, that's great. Like you I have felt both exhilarated and peaceful during my outings to stores and restaurants. To me the "peaceful" part was a surprise at first. Even on my very first time out I could not believe how comfortable I felt and that comfort level has only increased over time. Your feeling peaceful is an important sign that your true feminine self is rapidly emerging.
    "Care about what other people think of you and you will always be their prisoner" - Lao Tzu

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    Congratulations. I applaud you for your massive step forward.

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    Congratulations Angela. Glad that you found the experience pleasing.

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    Angela, That's great. Good for you deciding to stick around the store and be you.
    Please call me Jamie, I always_have crossdressed, I always will, "alwayshave".

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    Awesome, I don't mind going out in public so much, but interacting with people is what gets to me. I'm naturally introverted but adding being dressed just ups the nervous factor.

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    That is great! Having seen your avatar, I think you have every reason to feel confident about your presentation, and I think you should go anywhere you want to. It's also fantastic that your wife is supportive enough to buy clothes for you.

    I also think you should think about wearing a dress or skirt with heels when going out. Your picture reveals that your legs are gorgeous and should be given freedom. A lot of women I know would be envious of your legs.

    I am out in the world daily, even though I am slightly older than you, much bigger, balding, and not trying to pass as a woman. I dress as presentably as possible, and I get a lot of compliments from random women about how nice I look. I'm sure you would get an even better recept than I do. All you need is the confidence to do it, and that comes naturally the more often you get out there.

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