Yesterday I was in the basement in male mode when I heard the door bell ring, I knew my wife was sitting on the couch with the view of the person outside threw the screen door. For some reason she calls my name and I hear the door bell ring again. I'm now wondering why she isn't going to the door, and she calls my name again. I'm walking up the stairs asking her why she isn't seeing who's at the front door, she answers me if I was expecting a visit from a sister from the community. Now I'm wondering what the hell she's talking about and I get upstairs and look out of the screen. I look at my wife and tell her that isn't a sister from the community, that's your sons girlfriends mother. Her eyes opened up like beach balls and her look of embarrassment when she came with me to the door.
We chatted with her for a while and when she left my wife told me that I should have no problem passing, my sons girlfriends mother can't pass and she's a women.
She then told me when out and about she had to second look a lot of women who could probably go both ways and then realized they were women.
Just thought I share, I thought it was a funny mistake, maybe wife needs glasses.