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Thread: What exactly do we want from our wives? If we could define the perfect circumstances?

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    I would want her to be accepting of my desire to express my feminine side. Able to love me even when presented as a female. Beyond that, there is not much more. Sure it would be fun to go out together on a girls night out, but I don't think that would be a requirement for me. After all we wouldn't go out on a guys night out either. As far as the bedroom aspect goes, I don't see her being into that and that's okay with me. I would never want to force anyone to do anything they are not comfortable with.
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    Well - the perfect 'fantasy' wife for me would be all those things.

    I guess that means that she would have to be a bit "bi" or have those tendencies, so she could love me as much as a woman as she could love me as a man.

    My "REAL WORLD" wife isn't perfectly accepting, supportive, or encouraging. She does love me though, and that's worth more than a whole wardrobe full of dresses!
    (I've got to admit, I'd like to have her love AND the dresses )

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    Acceptance would be great. Acceptance to the extent I would be able to be fully en femme; makeup is not a necessity. Preparing dinner en femme with a pat on the butt would be reassuring. I would not want to take my cross dressing into the bedroom for any role reversals. Decades ago nightgowns had been into the bedroom scene, but, only for the feel of the nylon; not playing a female role. Outside the home? No, I'd be too self conscious at six foot/200 pounds.

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    For me, I think that I can check off all the boxes but....

    #3 about going out as a woman is something that she gets hot/cold with. Before the lockdowns, she had encouraged me to start going to these parties that were scheduled once a month that she found on Meetup. I went for almost a year, making several friends, until the lockdown cancelled all of that. BUT even though I have jeans and boots that she said would be fine, it is easier to leave the boots at home sometimes when we go out, because what was ok last week is not ok this week. I have to understand her and this flip/flop because she is accepting of the two of us and jokes around all day about Maria, which is why I get confused sometimes. But that is how she is so I respect her wishes....
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    Not necessarily a number one for me, but acceptance of my feminine side.

    I think my wife accepts and supports my "feminine" side.

    I would want her to love that side of me.

    I don't know if she loves that side of me, but she does accept it and realize it is a part of me. Considering the horrible marriage i got out of, she is a complete 180 degree opposite and her support of my choices is unparalleled. I in turn, support her as well

    Be supportive of my dressing and going out as a woman.

    This she has done on numerous occasions, usually go to out shopping, but has also gone to the club with me

    I would like her to encourage me to be fashionable, and feminine when dressed.

    My wife gives me fashion advice all the time, even buys items for me. I can't do any better on this topic.

    I would also like her to have a bedroom interest in the female side of me.

    Not a chance. Nor do i push it. She married a man, and wants it that way in the bedroom and I am perfectly OK with that
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    Quote Originally Posted by char GG View Post
    That said, I also don't like to shop with other GG's. Some of us would rather shop alone (if at all). Get in and out of a store is my motto. Not really into shopping for recreation..
    Funny but my wife is the same way! I can go browse for hours but she would rather zoom in and get what is on her list and get out fast!

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    It is funny to find out that when you have everything you wish for, the urge to dress, to go out dressed, etc… becomes less important and relevant. At least for me its the case.

    Its like Socratic love, we desire what we do not possess.
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    I am blessed to have my wife meet all but the last (I would also like her to have a bedroom interest in the female side of me). But neither do I have a desire for that one. My wife and I shop together and discuss things related to crossdressing openly and honestly. But then we also share all the things that are not related to crossdressing which are most of the important things in life.
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