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Thread: Father's Day Presents

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    Father's Day Presents

    My wife, who supports my dressing, got me a new bra and panties for me to open before the kids were awake yesterday. I love getting new intimate wear and, thought I love the thong panties, the bra is really perfect. She got me a Women's Lace Longline Bralette - Auden? in Rose from Target. The reason I love wearing this so much is that there is just enough padding to augment my shape to give the appearance of an A cup without needing forms. I'm very thin and if I were a GG, I would likely look natural with small breasts and this type of bra creates the illusion perfectly. Anyone else find that they prefer a smaller cup size?

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    38B was my go to size. Bought a new one recently, think I may need a 40B due to pandemic weight increase.I agree with your take on the padding.What a great Fathers Day present. The best I got was a few pairs of tights from my late mother at Christmas.Its the thought that counts and I was delighted.

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    I do - 46a slightly padded from leading lady

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    Chocolate and more chocolate. Happily I love chocolate. Plenty of assistance from all the family eating it too. So considerate.

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    Not any more. I have grown to a 36D cup and there is no going backwards. I actually fit nicely into a 34DD push-up bra I bought a few weeks ago. And I love that Auden longline bra in Rose! Have two of them, both the larger cup. Also have the matching baby doll nightie! Black with rose accents!
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    If I were to wear a bra, which is not allowed by my SO, I would go with A or B. My frame could carry a C, but I prefer smaller.

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    Presents are always nice, good for you. I'm new to the wild world of bra arena. I have purchased 4 new bras within a week, from 36A to 40B. My wife took the 40B and she told me the 36A and 38B looked natural on me. If she's happy with that I'm happy as well. The 36A I can wear even in male mode. I'm very thin as well, 6' and 140.. anything bigger than 38B looks hideous

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    I wear mostly 34A, sometimes with water or gel filled imserts. I'm on the thin side and prefer having small boobs.

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    I like smaller breast that?s why a like wearing a 36A or 34 B cup bra

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