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Thread: Statistical Anomaly

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    Statistical Anomaly

    So this morning I got to go outside into the back garden while enfemme. We have two benches on a decked area so I headed for them to sit and soak up a bit of sun.

    So the gaps in the decking probably account for 10% of the total area yet it seems every other step I got a heel into one of them. Even sat cross legged my supporting leg managed to find one of the gaps. Is there some strange force as yet unknown to science that attracts heels to gaps and cracks?
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    Yes, there is. With me the force is directed to my toes. Every time I try to put on panties or slip into a skirt, the waistband gets stuck between two of my toes. If it were pure chance you'd think they'd go on right once in a while.

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    Ah decking a current scourge. What ever was wrong with lawns and patios.

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    If u think regular spike heels r a problem, Helen, try the new "micro spikes"!

    They get stuck nearly everywhere!

    And, if u walk on a lawn bring a shovel!
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    Murphy is alive and well!
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    Maybe try a block heel

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    Take a trip to New York City, you'll probably get your heel stuck in the subway crates for air ventilation on the sidewalks.

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    Helen, as your heel moves across the surface during your stride, it catches the corner of the gap and holds there while you apply weight.
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    Should perhaps have played hopscotch more often in your youth, Helen! Or that game where we used to deliberately make sure to never step on a crack between the paving, but only on the squares.

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    I have the same problem. And I love wearing stilettos and hose, especially with skirts and dresses, sometimes with jeans or pants. I find I absolutely HAVE TO avoid anything the stilettos could get caught in... especially lawns or uneven pathways. I have to avoid, or wear flats. I wear flats and carry my heels when going from my door to my vehicle.


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    When I drive my wife's car in heels there is a little area that the carpet and the floor mat have a little space. Wouldn't you know it my heel always get stuck in that area.
    Can't forget about the heel getting caught in the hem of your dress when getting out of the car.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jane G View Post
    Ah decking a current scourge. What ever was wrong with lawns and patios.
    My house in Maryland had a deck off the first floor in the back. Of course we also had a half walk out basement too. So a patio would have required about 8 steps down and would have likely cause drainage issues. So patios aren't always feasible.

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    It was not exactly a decking problem in my case. My first foray in public was when a group of men from church were asked to participate in a "Walk a Mile in Her Shoes" event about 10 years ago. Until then, all of my limited shopping had been deep incognito, so I was thrilled at the opportunity to legitimately purchase my first pair of heels. The event consisted of four quarter-mile laps around a downtown block in our fair city. Having seen plenty of old noir movies, I knew enough to avoid the gratings over underground utility vaults; a few other participants learned the hard way. Afterward, we posed in a grassy area for a photo and I learned that 3" heels will sink their full 3" into soft ground.
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    All the decks I built had gaps that were the width of a 16D common nail. My go to spacers, couple scrap boards with nails driven through them. So never to date had an issue with walking on our decks. Sounds like a safety issue and you need to have them replaced! Maybe your insurance carrier will cover it? Love to see you explaining that to your agent, Helen! Lol

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