Does anyone else ever have CD-related dreams? If so, are they pleasant or more like nightmares? In my case, it's more the latter. It's hard to describe these dreams with any precision or detail, but last night's went something like this:

Our house was filled with a combination of family and strangers who were occupying every room. It was very late at night, and I wanted to go to bed, but everyone was either partying or just talking loudly. I wanted desperately to find a secluded spot to slip into a pair of thigh highs to relieve my stress, but of course, there was no such place available. Moreover, I had put a pair of thigh highs in a briefcase that was sitting out in the open in the midst of this chaos, and I was afraid someone would discover them.

As is always the case, it was a relief to wake up and realize that none of this had happened. I also reached into the drawer of the nightstand to confirm that my favorite thigh highs were still there (they were).