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Thread: Paying it forward or back?

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    Paying it forward or back?

    Remember my shoes that my boss gave me. Well today she sent me to Wal-mart for a new work phone. Anyways across the street is Good Will. So I went in and grabbed a couple things. I grabbed a new blouse and new skirt size 16. It was black with fringe and the hem was asymmetric. I was disappointed when I couldn't zip it up all the way. So I took it to my boss and asked her size. She said 16 and I gave it to her. She said ooooohhooo sexy. She put it in her purse said she can't wait to wear it.
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    Seems like a fair deal

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    Jade, It's great that you get along with your boss that well.
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    Sounds like a real good boss to me!

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    very cool. Wish I had had a boss like that when I was working.
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    Not tit for tat, but skirt for shoes! Nice. Let us know her report.

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