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Thread: The Frequent Flier

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    The Frequent Flier

    I?ve been up since 4 AM, an early flight, I tell everyone it?s so I can get there in time to prepare for my meetings the next day. If they knew the truth they would be surprised, or perhaps ?shocked? would be a better word.

    The airport has energy, a vibe, a current of movement and change. People are in a state of flux, business deals, money made and lost, love found, divorces, farewells, reunions, new babies and trips homes for a funeral, a river of life. I watch them, businessmen and women, grandparents on a visit, tourists, college students, and the visitor whose brief return is over. But I mostly focus on the women; in them I see myself.

    You see that?s my secret. How I envy them and long to be a member of their sorority. The anticipation in me grows; soon I think I?ll join them. I will shed this facade of masculinity that I have been forced to wear. I?ll leave this city, this life, and role behind. I sigh and close my eyes trying to sleep as the plane lifts off. It will be a busy day, I?ll need my rest.

    The baggage claim, the rental car bus, the ride to the hotel, it?s a different city, but the same routine. I smile and exchange pleasantries with the hotel clerk.

    ?Welcome? she chimes, ?Are you in town for business or pleasure?? she asks.

    I hesitate slightly before responding, ?Actually both, I have a meeting tomorrow but today I?m meeting one of my sisters for and lunch and shopping.?

    I laugh to myself, If she only knew what I meant by ?sister.?

    The hotel, is quiet and empty; everyone is out and about. As I ride the elevator up, my enthusiasm and expectation grows. I push the huge suitcase down the hall the wheels sticking on the carpet. Finally we arrive at the door. I insert the card, it clicks and we are in. I toss the suitcase up onto the bed. It opens, and out from underneath the slacks and BVDs I pull a black bag, I lay it across the bed and unzip it.

    It?s good to see them again, my purse and the pink makeup case, a pair of pumps, several skirts, tops, bras, panties, pantyhose and jewelry. A sales receipt spills out from my last trip. It?s from Nordstrom. Oh, yes, I remember now, it?s from the M.A.C counter. I had bought new foundation. The sales associate, her name was Lisa, was so friendly and helpful.

    ?Thank you Lisa,? I say to myself.

    I read the date it was over a month ago. That?s too long? much too long.

    I let the warm water of the shower melt away any uncertainty. That part of me from that now distant city protests ?Why are you doing this? You?re foolish! You?re a man, a husband, a father!?

    But I don?t listen to that voice anymore, I know better now. The feminine scent of the shaving cream and the unveiled smoothness of my legs calm me. I feel her take hold inside me.

    I dry myself off, then spray on some perfume, I breath the aroma in, the scent is satisfying, almost like a drug, I feel it trigger certain parts of my brain, as if they were dormant, but now are called to life, they burst forward igniting senses and desires no longer forced hidden.

    I become a little hurried now. As I put on my foundation garments, a female silhouette takes shape in the mirror, the padding and forms do their job. I feel a slight disappointment that I need them at all. My eyes go to juncture of my thighs, the curvature of my lower abdomen, it looks so female. Maybe, I think, someday? it will be.

    I sit down and start my makeup. I?ve become practiced, better than most women, the foundations goes on with a M.A.C brush. Oh, yes, I think, I have all the tools. Then I apply powder. I brush it off softly creating an even matte finish; next I contour, then I highlight.

    Slowly I trace the brows; their arch brings another hint of femininity to my face. This time they came out perfect, I?m pleased.

    The eyes are important; I take my time getting them just right, the shadow, the liner and finally the mascara.

    The lips are next. I trace a cupid?s bow with the lip liner bringing my upper lip closer to my nose, an important feminine feature. I finish with two shades of lipstick; my lips take on a fullness and depth. Some blush, and then a touch-up and I?m done.

    Not bad, I think, but there?s still more. I clip on my earrings, a gold bracelet, a watch, a diamond engagement ring, and on the other hand a birth stone. Today I?ll be wearing a skirt with a red jacket. I step into the skirt, pull it up and then zip it. It fits nicely. I smooth it running my hands over the curves on my hips. Then I slip a dark blouse over my head I pull the buttons close over my bust, yes, my ?bust,? I muse; I like the way they look. Next, I put on my jacket.

    Finally the icing must go on the cake, I lightly place the wig on my head; ?boys have short hair girls have long hair? I mouth these words softly.

    I step toward the mirror; there she is ?Paula,? a huge smile flashes across my face, a giddiness takes over, a sense of relief. I primp in the mirror then pack my purse, credit cards, license, cash, and room key. I primp in the mirror again. My nails! I forgot my nails, it takes a few minutes, but they?re pretty, a press-on French manicure --- just the right feminine detail.

    I check my purse again. I?m nervous, there?s a bit of trepidation as I stand in front of the door. Faintly I hear his voice pulling me back. ?Noooo I shake my head!"

    I look in the mirror, she smiles at me. You can do this. I?m out the door; there is a sense of wonder I?m doing it. I ride down in the elevator, the doors open and I?m in the lobby. I walk over and grab a bottle of water from the market. I ask the clerk softly, ?Can you put this on room 314??

    ?Sure? she smiles, ?Anything else Ma?am??

    ?Ma?am,? I say to myself, yes, she said Ma?am --- my heart sores.

    I?m out the door and the cadence of heels on the pavement announces a woman is here. I?ve escaped, if only for the day, but I?m free and I?m flying!

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    This is a beautifully written post. I hope everyone sees it, as you've captured the experience in words - not easy to do. Thank you, you've made my day!

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    You have captured the feelings , anticipation and process perfectly. The attention to detail is perfection. Thank you for sharing.

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    Nicely worded post. Very well put.

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    Excellent post - hope you enjoyed your day out

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    Wonderfully written!
    I know exactly how you feel.

    Suzi Q

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    This is an epic post, Paula; in a way, it reminds me of "High Flight." For some of us here who cannot dress fully, we must live vicariously through stories like this.

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    Love it! Especially the moment when you say to yourself, I can do this. I have said that to myself so many times.

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    Very well written. I thing you summed up the emotions well.

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    Wow! I can't wait for an opportunity like this one. Very well written, Paula.
    We can only achieve what we dare to reach for.

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    That is a perfect description of the details. I felt it all along the way!

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    I am with you spiritually.

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    Sounds a lot like what I do in some respects. The funny thing on my last flight , the airline put an extra tag on my girly suitcase - HEAVY. ; )


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    You have perfectly captured the anticipation and thrill of transforming ones self into a woman. For me that process is an extremely sensuous experience.


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    Paula..... WOW!

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    Paula, that is perfectly written. No matter how little, or how much, we cross dress, you have captured the feelings of anticipation I believe each of us feels. If my wife were more interested in in-depth discussions about my CDing, I believe your post would be something I'd like to share as you've put into words what is so difficult to explain.
    It's never too late to enjoy a happy childhood.
    Live each day as though it's your last 'cause one day you'll be right.
    I'm finding the more feminine side of me...and I ❤️ this adventure.

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    Paula, Great story. I wish I was getting out more often.
    Please call me Jamie, I always_have crossdressed, I always will, "alwayshave".

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    Mmmmmm...Beautiful! I love flying for all the sensations and feelings you state. Your words put me in another place and time.

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