If you read my thread "My Story, I've dressed even before I can remember thanks to my older sister. In my adult life though, I've thought of it but never followed through. I have worn girls panties from time to time, but that was the extent of it. Then out of the blue, while on a 2 month long (well with a few breaks) business trip I went from panties to going out fully dressed.
The first part of the trip wasn't anything special. There were lots of issues work related that kept me busy. I did end up getting a couple of pairs of panties that I wore, but discarded them when I flew home for a 1 week break in the middle of the trip. Nothing really exciting just scratching an itch just like I've done for years.
When I headed back something changed. It was the trip from hell that turned into heaven. My bag was "delayed" and wouldn't be there till the next day. I arranged for it to be dropped off at my hotel an hour and a half away. Find out my rental car wasn't ready, and when I got to the hotel, my room was canceled because travel never put in for late arrival even with my plane landing at 11pm. I think the stress may have got to me.
The next day I stopped by Walmart early to pick up a few things including men's underwear, socks, and a shirt. I decided to grab some panties while at it. Then for some reason I thought, why not a bra also? I ended up getting a sports bra that looked like it would fit. That is further than I had ever gone buying things, but as I walked through the women's department I just couldn't help but look at skirts and grabbed a cute khaki skirt with cargo pockets. It pretty much goes with my standard of shorts and pants with cargo pockets. Also got a basic white top that ended up being too tight, but I did have a V neck tee shirt that worked.
I couldn't wait for that evening to try everything on. I really enjoyed just being dressed and sitting around in the hotel room. Just sitting around and feeling the breeze was exhilarating. I stuffed the bra with some new socks. I eventually got some panty hose, but ruined them the first time I wore them. I ended up getting a nice top and a white dress also that week and better bras.
I really enjoyed the clothes, but wanted to look more realistic. I spent time on Amazon and got some self adhering breast forms and a wig. It was amazing the difference that made. My last day that week, I even got foundation, and lipstick. I made up and dressed and went out for a drive that evening. I had a blast. I did get made as I came back. I had to park next to a car with 2 young ladies just sitting. I took my time getting out, but I could hear one tell the other "I knew it" as I walked away. It was disheartening but not unexpected. I guess the bright side is they argued about it?
I was home over the Memorial Day weekend, then back. I was much more intentional that next 2 weeks. I had picked up more makeup, and during the weeks I found a couple of cute dresses on sale that I bought. I dressed every evening and spent time working on hair styles with the wig and getting practice with makeup. I still have a long way to go, but much better than the previous trip. I had press on nails and wore them over the weekend.
At the end of the week we got done early Thursday so I got back and took the opportunity to dress and even put on my nails. I had to glue them on this being the second time. When I decided to go out and eat, I couldn't bring myself to do it dressed, so I changed back, but didn't want to ruin the nails so I left the royal blue nails in place. I did get a compliment from the hostess on my nails as I was being seated, and not in a snarky way. That really helped ease my nerves.
I spent the whole day dressed Friday as I was working from the hotel. I decided this was it and I was going out to eat at the restaurant I had gone to the previous evening dressed as a girl. I almost talked myself into a different restaurant where I could pay at the table, but stuck with it. I had alot of internal debate on what to wear and decided rather than dress up, i would go more casual. Most ladies i had been seeing around town were super laid back in their attire and i didn't want to stand out. It was early so the place was not crowded. I was seated at a booth and the waiter called me hun as he took my order. My Barrett kept slipping in my hair and I had to really work to finally get it back in place. Other than that the dinner went swimmingly.
After eating I went in the mall attached to the restaurant and did some window shopping. I was tempted alot, but walked out without buying anything. It was thrilling and took awhile, but I finally fell into just being another person shopping in the mall. I knew this would be my last chance to do this for awhile and I just soaked it in. I even toyed with the idea of flying home and changing back in a restroom but wasn't sure how TSA would take that.
I was sad that evening as I undressed and put everything up in my suitcase. It was hard for me to believe it had only been 3 weeks since I went from just wearing panties to being a fully dressed girl. It is such a wonderful feeling and I look forward to my next chance.