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Thread: DADT? How many we got out there?

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    DADT? How many we got out there?

    My SO and I have finally discussed all of this. It felt amazing for like a week, and now I feel like it?s all back to the beginning. She knows, but doesn?t want to know. ?What was that box that got delivered today?? ? what are your stories?

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    A week? Honestly, a week is a moment. You and your wife can, hopefully, engage in an ongoing conversation that among other things explores what you need and want as well as what she needs and wants. If she Asks, tell her! But more than that tell her why and more than that ask her how you being you makes her feel. (Don?t argue, she is entitled to feel as she does).

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    My wife found out about my dressing in a difficult manner about seven years ago and I spent about the next two years in a DADT situation which was hard but it could have been worse. The only opportunities I had to dress during that time were when my wife was going to be out and those chances were few and far between. It would be months at a time between dressing times and even then it would only be for a few hours at the most.

    Things are very different now. These days I keep my clothes in my closet, my toenails are painted, my legs are shaved and because I now work remotely I am dressed most workdays. I also go out and about dressed once every couple of weeks.

    I can attribute all of that to therapy which i highly recommend. Our therapist is wonderful and has helped in many aspects of our lives in addition to my crossdressing. This has been a long process and it is ongoing. As Kim mentioned, a week is nothing, so hang in there!

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