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Thread: Out dressed in daylight ....

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    Out dressed in daylight ....

    I've been out in the evening in what I term as safe places, LGBT like Canal Street or to a Rocky Horror Show in the evenings but never during the day.
    I had to make an early morning supermarket run (6am) and it was lovely and warm. Make a snap decision to wear a black denim mini skirt and tshirt
    and pair of white pumps and walked out to the car. Heart was pounding and I nearly went back in and changed.
    Got to the car park and thought, well I've gone this far. Out I strolled and went about my business, it was quiet but a few people were out and about,
    loads of shelf stackers but it felt wonderful. Thankfully I'd waxed my legs a few days before. I don't recall any stares, or giggles, just walked about
    confidently and there was no drama. I'll definitely do it again, the main reason I don't dress during the day is work and they are not aware of my dressing
    but they might have guessed somethings different about me as I wear long painted nails most days lol.

    Not sure if I'm allowed to add a pic, I'll remove it if not.
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    Foxy Roxy has entered the building

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    Hi Roxy,

    It is quite liberating isn't it. Now you're hooked.

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    Roxy, Good for you. Confidence is key.
    Please call me Jamie, I always_have crossdressed, I always will, "alwayshave".

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    I am part of everything.
    Good for you.

    Once you get used to it, you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner.
    ...throw off those chains of Reason and your prison disappears...

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    congratulations on the step out. Your picture looks good. Would love to see the whole outfit.

    Don't stop now!
    Jenn A --- nothing fancy, just me.

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    I used to be content with fully dressing at home and staying in, but these days I only dress to go out shopping and clubbing, the thrill of going out dressed is just a wonderful adrenalin rush !!!!

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    I used to very much enjoy going out dressed, but these days I am content with dressing at home. Perhaps the reason I now do extreme sports is to try and replicate the rush I got walking out enfem when younger. What ever my life is a good one.

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    Apart from as you say places like Canal Street, going out in the daylight is safer and actually a busy supermarket is perhaps one of the safest. You can hide in the numbers and you're far less likely to come across a bunch a drunk Neanderthals in the dry goods Isle.

    Same goes for clothes shopping. Usually far more women than men so again less chance of coming across a knuckle dragger.

    Next time you're in Manchester, visit the Trafford shopping centre. Easy to park and you're straight into the shops. Dress to blend and you're good to go.

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    Nice one Roxy. I guess now like all of us here, that urge will keep coming back.

    [SIZE=1]- - - Updated - - -[/SIZE]

    I think you probably could Roxxxi

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