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Thread: Slowly Losing "Charlotte" from my life.

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    Slowly Losing "Charlotte" from my life.

    As every day goes by, they add to the weeks, which add to the months.

    I'm finding my days are getting more and more busy with work, and my wife is showing no signs of increasing her office time beyond the current one day a week, and odd extra day every 3-4 weeks.

    With the limit of just one day a week, which is also my most meeting heavy, and workload heavy, I simply don't have the time to shave face/arms/legs, get an outfit together, get made up, and then hide it all away again.

    Sadly it isn't a case of asking my wife for more time, as things have been fairly rocky as it is, and I don't want to rock the boat any more.

    I've got a weekend to myself in September, but it relies on a lot of things coming together in order for me to actually have that time as free time for Charlotte... my expectation is it won't happen, as has been the case on the last two occasions.

    Then, add in that my expenses for Charlotte have been so high in the last 3-4 years, and the cost of living is going up, and I simply cannot afford to buy any new clothes. I also feel terrible about how I look in the ones I do own... it's all a bit much right now.

    Rant/moan over.

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    I feel your pain. Although my wife is 100 percent supportive, working two jobs and running a side business leaves very little time, if any, for me time.
    I haven't been totally satisfied with the way I look either. But we're going away for an extended weekend. I'm hoping all of that will change.
    Hang in there honey, don't give up.

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    Charlotte you are so beautiful it is a shame you can't let everyone enjoy your feminine charms!

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    Hang in there Charlotte. Who among us has not experienced CD "down" periods brought on by any number of things known or unknown. It seems like just a short time ago you were on a high. We all experience work related constraints,we are all experiencing budgetary concerns, none of us want to rock the boat at home, and few among us are satisfied with our appearance and/or presentation, so you are in good company. I think you well know that the desire to crossdress does not go away, so I think recognizing your current combination of situations is just one of those down periods. Don't despair - and please don't purge!

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    I can empathize with your lack of support and opportunity. The only thing you can do is hang in there. In the end, its not so much what is in your closet, but rather what is in your spirit

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    Another post by Kris that makes me wish there was a Like button.

    Then again, I’m not sure the end result of a Like button would be great, maybe it is best without one.

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    This too shall pass. I have not dressed completely in almost 10 years now. One of the reasons is because I want to lose weight. I have promised myself new bra and panties when I reach my goal weight.
    What I am finding is that there are other things I can do that help me express my fem. side. I have really got into cleaning and ironing. As our society these are ?women?s tasks? I find them quite fulfilling.

    Other things that my wife is noticing is that I am not too shabby at home decorating and she is increasingly asking my opinion in areas that are considered in the women?s realm.

    Also my wife asked that when I go to the bathroom would I sit rather than stand.

    There are a host of different things we can do that are considered feminine when we want to express that side of ourselves other than dressing. In saying that I completely understand the desire to dress and I wish you all the best.
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    Just another man in a dress

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    I feel for you too Charlotte. My wife is non accepting, 2 daughters in their 20s still at home. Never get a minute to myself. All plans become collapsible.It is frustrating and hard to suppress. But it cant go on forever. Even if they go out for a few hours it is something which is better than nothing. Grab your moment, even if only partial dressing. Hope it gets better for you. There are bargains in the charity/ thrift shops even designer wear sometimes.

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    Lilly has definitely been in the background since end of March and there will be no time for her in any meaningful way for some time to come.
    But what I have learned is that that part of us just sleeps or takes a break regardless of if that is choice or forced by circumstances.
    Don't fret over it but simply get on with what needs to be done and when the time is right Charlotte will re-appear.
    Lots of Love Lilly xx

    Not me in the avatar but the lovely Jenny Powell who I loved so much

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    I hope you find what helps, I know before Sher and I were together and her daughter moved in for a few months ( daughter knew but was not willing to understand) she made herself busy with her band, totally immersed herself with some things she loved doing.
    I always said to her as I have said to you before ( I mean it ) Charlotte is always there , not lost.

    Rant away anytime wish I had the words to help.
    If you are a Genetic Female (Female at Birth) and would like to join us in the F.A.B. Forum, please follow the link.

    F.A.B. Forum Access

    Sherlyn,My beautiful sweet girl
    You forever and always will be my one and only true love . ❤️


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    Charlotte, I know how you feel. I went through the entire lock down without dressing. I got rather depressed.
    Please call me Jamie, I always_have crossdressed, I always will, "alwayshave".

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    I haven't had a full day of being en femme since my wife babysat our grandchild overnight at our daughter's apartment on New Year's Eve, 2019. It was an overnight stay, so I did get to go out for a drive and stroll. My wife is not supportive. I am in a better place than many as my wife and I are retired and sleep apart for medical reasons; bad back and snoring. That affords me the opportunity of sleeping in a nightgown, panty, bra and full slip. Some times I will change from my nightgown into an ankle length short sleeve summer dress. I usually arise early and she sleeps until 9:30 AM. So, that's usually two to three hours in the morning of femme time banging away on the keyboard. As to how I look? I avoid mirrors. At age 75 it is not pretty anyway. One thing that is universal is denial of some quality time just make one climb the walls.

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    Wish I could be as pretty as you. Sorry you're having a rough time now. My wife moved out last December and I was able to dress and looked forward to it with no hassles. You all encouraged me so much that I found a trans friendly wig shop and was about to go. Then my 23 year old daughter moved back in. I bought a new truck in February since my other car was on the way out. I could afford the payments. Then in April the county raised my property taxes the maximum allowable by law, so my taxes and insurance went way up, so after that and car payments I'm back to paycheck to paycheck. I let a supportive GG move in, she's a lesbian. Her rent payments help offset the new bills. I did go to an air B& B this weekend but the homeowners had security cameras all over outside and a security guard with a spot light came by every hour, so I didn't bother dressing. At least I get to wear panties everyday and sleep in nightgowns.

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    I live alone, and am building my own home. Needless to say, it is also +100 F for the last three weeks! Make up would melt off.

    I hope that in the fall it will cool down enough and I am far enough ahead to dress again without being soaking wet mess.

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    Charlotte, Hang in there girl, things will get better. We all know that this side of us is here to stay so even if Charlotte is not around much right now that will change at some point. Good luck and you know we are here for you.

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    I feel for you. I was able to go out last week. The time before that was early February 2019. Work, COVID, family, work and did I mention COVID got in the way. In that time a family of spiders took up residence in my wig. It was truly a spiders nest! Of course the make up was all past it’s prime and while I was never good at applying make up, I was certainly better back in 2019. So many times a glimpse of time would appear only to evaporate before anything happened. The frustration was intense. But then one day it happened. So hang in there.
    Oh ya, you aren’t losing Charlotte, she is part of you and she isn’t going anywhere.

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    just keep doing what you have to do.
    It is a cliche but you never know what tomorrow will bring

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