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Thread: To Wig Or Not To Wig

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    To Wig Or Not To Wig

    Hello. First time caller, long time fan. I have dressed for decades. I have wondered the city fully dressed presenting the best female presence possible. Yet lately I find myself not wanting to wear that hot wonderful head of long flowing hair, the wig. I am having thoughts of just dressing from the neck down and going out. I consider myself just a boy in a dress anyhow. What if I went to the a club as just that? For me it's the love of women's clothing. Sexy outfits, soft silky flowing comfortable materials. The feel and textures of the fabrics. My skirt sliding across my shiny tights. The passion for nylons and walking in an awesome pair of heels clicking down the sidewalk. I understand the muggles currently would go from is whoa...WTF.

    Possibly I am just getting lazy. Hate to be hot. Love to be comfortable. Getting older, caring less of society norms, getting braver. I would only go to the friendly locations. Not places like the general store. Anyone else every have this conversation with themselves? It's most likely safer to present full female to help keep the haters guessing and not shove it in their faces. Could it be I have yet to find the perfect wig. I have one coming in now on a slow boat from China. So interested in opinions and experiences of others like myself. Suggestions on high quality expensive wigs you have found. Please share and thank you for your time.

    Sincerely, To Wig Or Not To Wig

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    totally understand. I lived in hot, humid Houston for a long time and endured with wig and foundations despite the heat. But I just could not stand to see myself w/o the full presentation.

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    I think that is a very personal decision and one that will vary from person to person.
    For ME, I want to be a woman. If I could snap my fingers and magically change sexes when I dress, that is what I'd do. So I'll bear with the sweaty wig.
    Lots of folks it is like you stated, more about the clothes only. There is nothing wrong with that, just a different path.
    I understand the heat thing and GG's deal with it too even without a wig. My wife has thick hair and over the years it has gotten shorter. She wears it shoulder length, but to keep cool she started buzzing it up to the top of her ears in the back. The longer top just covers it all up.

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    I started using shorter wigs when I moved to Florida. It helps a lot. I also bought a nice floppy hat that I wear on occasion.

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    Back in the day I really didn?t feel the transformation was complete until I had my wig on, it really did make a difference. Fast forward, I am married and my wife didn?t like my hair short so I grew it out. I am lucky enough to now have a head of long flowing hair, about downs to my shoulder blades. I know not everyone has this option but I?m much happier not having to wear a wig around. I very much understand the warmth associated when wearing a wig.

    That being said, it really is up to you. Women can have short hair or shave their head or whatever. I have personally chosen to go non gender specific at times wearing a mix of both masculine and feminine clothing, with or without makeup. We live in a surprisingly wonderful time where gender norms are being questioned. Some people may not approve but I personally feel that if we can advocate for the community any way we can, it could help someone join us out in the real world.

    Be confident in your choice and enjoy being you.
    Rebecca Bas

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    My hair is chin length and I can still manage to hide the bald spot in the back so I do not wear a wig often and never in the summer. I know the day is coming when I will have to wear a wig so I keep mine brushed and ready for that day

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    Totally up to you.
    Be confident in whatever you decide.
    We have members here that never wear a wig ….and they rock their look.
    If you are a Genetic Female (Female at Birth) and would like to join us in the F.A.B. Forum, please follow the link.

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    Sherlyn,My beautiful sweet girl
    You forever and always will be my one and only true love . ❤️


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    Where I have seen the biggest blow back to those that just need to "throw on a dress" and nothing else, is from the dresser community itself!

    Many of my CD "friends" don't want to be seen out with those that don't dress "all the way". Or, with me in a mask!
    U can't keep doing the same things over and over and expect to enjoy life to the max. When u try new things, even if they r out of your comfort zone, u may experience new excitement and growth that u never expected.

    Challenge yourself and pursue your passions! When your life clock runs out, you'll have few or NO REGRETS!

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    It seems it doesn't matter to the general public if someone wears a wig or not. One of my GG friends shaved her head because she got tired of dealing with her hair. She still looks like a GG and rocks her look.

    It's up to each individual how they want to present themselves. Wear a wig if it makes you feel good.

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    I would try a shorter wig first. They can make a big difference versus wearing a long, full wig. Paula Young has a lot of short wigs and offers CoolCap wigs at reasonable prices. Also, what I have done a few times instead of wearing a wig is to put on a woman's full head scarf. I have a long ponytail which I let hang down the back.
    "Care about what other people think of you and you will always be their prisoner" - Lao Tzu

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    As I got older I gravitated towards shorted hair styles. They easier to maintain and are a lot cooler than long ones. But then again I live up North where its not a million degrees every day.

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    I have to agree with Di and Char.
    Ladies without hair on their heads and nicely made up look fantastic.
    I think it is because one tends to focus on their eyes.
    If anyone can remember Hoon Lee in Banshee he looks incredible with a bald head and makeup. Helps that it is done professionally of course.

    Philipa Jane

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    During summer, I've also gone out without a wig.
    I was okay with it at that time of the morning because I doubt I would run into anyone who would know me, start upsetting my family or work life.
    I'm concerned that if my work found out, it would make my role extremely difficult which would affect my income and my mortgage repayments.
    Wife has the same concern and she is the sensible one of us.

    Besides, while I still prefer my #2 hair cut from my youth/military days, the balding patch is upsetting in either boy or girl mode
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