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Thread: Curiosity about how often?

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    Member Teresa.Smith.VA's Avatar
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    May 2021
    I dress up totally as Teresa about once a week for about 24 hours non-stop.

    About one weekend each month I spend an entire period from Friday evening through Sunday evening totally dressed. My wife and I almost always go out together for grocery shopping, a Friday or Saturday dinner, or to just run errands.

    My wife and I almost always enjoy a one week vacation each year where I remain her "girl friend" 24/7. Our longest vacation as girl friends lasted six weeks.
    Fact: Some members can never post pictures in their feminine finery to support their stories and experiences. Please be understanding and kind.

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    Oh to be an English Rose Jane G's Avatar
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    May 2005
    Live in Cornwall UK, born in Lancashire
    Depends what else I have planned. If I'm around the house then much of the time I'm dressed. Just to be comfortable. Often little make up. Almost always wear female night cloths. So more hours than I thought I guess.

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    I wear lingerie to bed every night for bedtime/sleeping so 240 hours a month not including panties during the day, which would technically make it 24/7.

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    Feb 2022
    Hi all. I am dressed at all times except when out of the house even then I am dressed in womens underwear unless visiting a doctor. It is mostly but not always with full makeup and wig but the clothing must be perfect at all times and nylons must be worn even to bed. My male wardrobe is very sparse however I have literally hundreds of items of womens clothing, drawers full of underwear, shelves groaning under the weight of high heel shoes and boots and cupboards packed high with boxes containing a huge variety of wigs in all shades and designs so there is never a shortage of choice, added to which my wife is constantly adding more things

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    For me it is a medication the I take as needed!

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    It really depends on a person's situation. I'm single, retired, and have a lot of freedom that other girls here don't have. It also depends on the status of the pink fog. I can go months or years without thinking of dressing. My longest was 13 years, then it rolls in and I can't wait to shave and play dress up. In early 2020 under lockdown, I was almost 24/7 in girl mode. These days, I'm about 20 to 30 hours per month in hybrid mode (no wig or breast forms and not trying to pass. Just a man in cute girls' clothes.) and 10 to 20 as Heather. Some of each in public, some around the house. I find that stress or having an urgent project that I don't want to do will get me dressing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Debs View Post
    Steph, its about time you had a chat with youe wife , Im surprised she doesnt know anyway !! after all these years
    Debs, she knows. It's her choice. Frankly, if I were to force myself upon her, that would not go well. She would not scream and yell, stomp her feet and so on. There are things one learns about their spouse that are only found out later. To be other than the handsome well toned guy with a military physic would freak her out to past transgressions upon her. Yes, sometimes there is an acknowledgement of my cross dressing in a subtle manner. Last Friday she was cleaning out some of her things and I found half dozen very lacy panties laid on my bed. Definitely, something I did not buy myself or for her a very long time ago. She did something similar when she was donating a ton of lingerie to a charity store; she gave me the ok to take whatever I wanted. I did.

    After fifty plus years of marriage I will not disrespect her wishes. In the beginning she told me, if I wanted to, it was alright with her if I joined a support group. I looked; none to be found.

    PS: Reading the various answers I'd say I am doing a lot better than many on this forum. I'd say MtF crossdressers are the most oppressed sexual minority there is.
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    New Member petrale's Avatar
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    Aug 2022
    fantasy being punctual, for me, it's different, and moreover it's in secret from my wife, so, for example, I recently cleaned my car in the closed garage, dressed as a woman, that made me very excited, because never do

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    I wear a bra around the house for about 3-5 hours on each occasion every couple of weeks.

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    Ive never been fully done up with makeup and a wig. But I have worn panties and lingerie for the last 12 years daily.

    No Heel is Too High.... When it's Pointed at the Ceiling

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    For me.dressing was always a function of two factors, urge and opportunity. Over the past several years, both have waned considerably. I have not put on a woman?s outer garment ( dress, blouse or skirt) for probably two years now and I purged them about a year ago. I have only put on a bra a few times over the past year but will still wear panties sometimes as often as several times a week. My stash is becoming quite small.

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    Full on makeup and all maybe 12 hours a month. That being said, I'm usually in a dress or girly shorts and bra almost every day. I only wear my 36b when she's home because it's not as noticeable/offensive to her. When she's not home I wear my 38C with forms.

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    If you count underdressing, then I'm 24/7, but I believe that is not the essence of your question. During the summer, when the kids are basically home full time, I get zero dressing time. While they are in school, I will get a few hours each month to dress, which I am happily looking forward to resuming in the next few weeks. I took a few risks at work and dressed there when I knew no one was going to be in the office. I think those days are coming to an end. In the last two weeks, we had several staff who were normally virtual employees change to flex meaning they plan to come into the office two to three times a week.
    I am just a guy who enjoys wearing women's clothing and there is nothing wrong with that.

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    A couple times a month when traveling overnights for work i would have the opportunity to dress at least 8 hours per trip some months 24 hrs of dressing time. I recently retired and have had only a few hrs of dressing time this will be a hard adjustment.

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    Senior Member Davina2833's Avatar
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    Oct 2018
    E TN

    Panties 24/7, obvisously, wife knows, going to dentist this am even have a wireless unlined bra on, does not show.


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    I have lived alone all my adult life so I have always enjoyed maximal freedom and my own boudoir.

    Lingerie chest , dress rack, wig heads , perfumes etc and, still need a Queen Anne vanity.

    Excluding sleeping nightly in long gown & panties, I would say 80 + hours per month are spent en femme in wig, breasts and girdles dolled up.

    I don't wear much perfume or make up as it limits mobility whereas if I am en femme w/o it I can be endrab in 120 s should the need arise.

    I was a younger child and knew I did not want another boss - the one at work was enough.

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    Never for me during covid, since I am never alone in the house for very long. I had almost a week planned for March, 2020 when my family had a big trip sheduled without me but obviously that didn't happen. Before COVID it was maybe once a year or less.

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    Every morning I get 1 to 3 hours dressed however I want. Could be skirts & blouses, dresses, shorts, fishnet, lingerie, whatever. After work, almost every day, I'll be in short shorts, or sometimes a skirt, and a cami til bedtime. But if a condition of my answer includes makeup, then my answer is zero, since I don't do that.

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    An oft asked question this is (Yoda voice).

    As I live alone, then very often and will probably be dressed at some point during the day, every day. On a work from home day, I can theoretically be dressed for 21 out of 24 hours (including night attire), only changing to go out to the gym after finishing work. Work days are obviously more restricted as are weekends when I see friends.

    On a recent domestic holiday, I managed to take an entire set of female attire with me (including wig), knowing my two friends were early-to-bed and I'd have a couple of hours to myself some evenings.


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    Not often enough.

    I would say, recently, about very 3 weeks I get one session of about 4 hours.
    A few months ago it was once a week.

    Thats a full transformation and sometimes a drive in the car.

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