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Thread: Do you have a male or female doctor and should you come out to them?

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    I've been seeing the same female doctor for 20 years. For a number of appointments the last 3 years I've worn my bra and enhancers. A true professional, she has said nothing. Unless/ until I decide I want to go on HRT, I see no reason to say anything.

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    A number of years back when I was suffering from depression because of CD issues I told my GP so that he could offer the best treatment.
    Sure it was difficult and embarrassing but it had to be done.
    The psychologist I saw was female and again she had to be told what was bothering me.

    Now I am totally ok with telling anyone of my situation, but there again I don't have anyone to embarrass (family or co workers) so that probably doesn't help others.
    Tell your GP, they will not have a problem with it and the insight will help them keep the proper medical eye on you.

    Philipa Jane

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    both at my medical center and yes I'm generally dressed pretty when I have to go there.
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    Why would a crossdresser feel the need to come out the their physician? I mean, I'm on HRT, so it's impossible (or at least medically unsound) to not be out, but why would anyone risk complicating their life (or worse) by outing themselves to anyone they didn't need to?
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    I'm in the camp of not volunteering unless there is some medical reason. In general terms, I prefer female doctors. They seem to pay attention to a patient more than a male doctor. She may bring up issues based on her experience and where you live. That's good doctoring. Genetically, I do not have hair follicles on my legs and underarms and sparse hair on my chest. At age 75, only one doctor in my entire life, who was a female, made a comment. She based it on my diabetic status (controlled) as diabetics do experience hair loss. I told her I have never had hair on my legs and underarms and my wife says "It's wasted on a guy."

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    When I started seeing my current doctor (my last one retired) she never commented on my shaved legs. I did mention that I had the bad hair gene and would look like a wookie if I didn't shave- which isn't a lie. I began shaving for two reasons, one being CDing, the other I was simply sick of all that hair. If it wasn't getting uncomfortably pulled in clothes it simply looked bad. But, yeah I agree with the consensus that no need to mention it to the doctor unless there is a health-related reason to do so.

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    There is no way that they would not know because I am gender nonconforming in my everyday life. I don't have girl mode and boy mode. I just have my feminine male mode and that is all. I am much simpler. What you see is always what you get.
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    No, I have other health related things to discuss. It would be a distraction for me. My current doctor is a sixty something male originally from Paraguay. Good, competent doctor.

    My previous doctor was female and the most competent internist I have ever met. Then she got tired of medicine and went to Asia to sit on a mountain and chant kumbayah. Seriously, she joined a commune and hung out with nuns and monks for a few years. Then she came back after a few years to be a technically competent hospital administrator/researcher. More money there. My cardiologist quit medicine when he turned fifty and went to Europe to sit on a mountain and chant kumbaya. I cannot make this stuff up. He actually went back to a rural village in the Czech Republic and is still there. My wife tried to get me to see her doctor, a female my age. First visit, her staff pits me in a small room to wait. Two hours later, a staffer comes in and says the doctor left for the day. Come back in two months. I gave them a piece of my mind and vocabulary. I then told my wife it would be a frosty day in a very hot place before I saw those staffers again.

    Before the female doctor, I was in the Army. I got a different doctor every visit. Some were OK. Most were nut cases. The VA doctors were worse. I could tell more tales but this is not the forum. None knew of my cross dressing.

    I tried three different psychologists but they were just in it for the money. The first one, also a marriage counselor, was into insurance fraud. I figured it out and dropped him a few years before he got arrested. The second one, a man twenty years older than I am, I dropped after four sessions because he was not helping me at all. The last one, a slightly younger woman, dropped me like a hot potato the day my insurance benefits ran out. I never brought up my cross dressing. They were all too crazy. My wife tried two more psychologists who were both also marriage counselors. The first one tried to convince her to join her in a Lesbian relationship when she left her husband, Dr. Insurance Fraud, to return to New York. The last one, wife may have told about my crossdressing. I do not know for sure. He was assassinated in prison after sexually abusing female patients. As I said, I cannot make this stuff up.

    I have not brought up my CDing to any of them for obvious reasons. It is what I get for living in a remote part of the Pacific Northwest.
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    I have a female doctor. She has seen me in male mode, female mode and everywhere in between. I have had minor surgery, dressed. I got an ultrasound, dressed (it was twins!). I have gotten x-rays, dressed. I've had blood taken, dressed.

    Here 's a little secret, no one cares!! The medical profession has seen it all, everything and anything you can imagine. If your attire causes any difference in the care you receive, you are in the wrong place.

    Sadly my doctor has breast cancer and we spent some time together recently talking (and me crying) about it and she even asked me for wig advice! It's not what you wear that matters, it's who you are inside.
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    I had a male doctor until he retired a few years ago. Now a female doctor. There hasn't been any reason to bring up my crossdressing since I don't see that it is relevant to my physical health. Actually, the doctor's office is the only place that I've worn male underwear the past 5 years. No one has said anything about my lack of body hair (I epilate), and I'm sure that it has been noticed. Now that I think of it, I wonder of that is noted in my records anywhere?
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    My doctor is female, and I have seen her as Glenda, the nurse changed my gender to female. My doctor wanted to know if wanted SRS. I said know that I was too old. But I would like to take hormones.

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    My doctor is a great guy, I have never told him. That being said I know he knows.

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    I have a new doctor and at the end of my last physical I just blurted out that I want to be a girl. He took it poorly. Nothing overt but I could tell he is a little uncomfortable with unusual circumstances. His first comment was about pronouns. We’ll see how it plays. I was wearing a nice Scoop neck top, girl shorts and smooth legs…shouldn’t be too big a surprise.

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    Your post should be made into a movie. What an insane group of characters.

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