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Thread: Did someone dress you up as a girl?

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    My sister is eighteen months older than me. I have a vague memory of her and some other girl putting me in a dress and something to cover my short hair and walking down the sidewalk dressed. It's such a vague memory that I don't think it really had anything to do with my dressing starting in my fifties. I think I was about six years old at the time. I don't remember minding dressing as a girl, but I don't remember being particularly excited either. It was just a diversion for a couple of hours back in the early sixties.

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    There is a photograph famous in my family of me dressed in my Mom's hat, wearing pearls, standing in a pair of her heels and carrying her pocketbook. Very young - three or four. Just about everyone in the extended family saw it and it remains in the family archives. So long ago I don't remember the wider reaction. Did that warp me forever? (insert nervous laugh here)

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    something I have fantasized about my whole life. Having a woman dress me up and feminize me

    No Heel is Too High.... When it's Pointed at the Ceiling

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    Yes, I have a slew of older sister and they use to dress me when I was 3-6ish.
    Please call me Jamie, I always_have crossdressed, I always will, "alwayshave".

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    At the age of 3 there was no boys in the neighborhood only girls. They were having a tea party for girls only. I was crying to go. So, the oldest girl got her sisters dress and panties and put them on me, so I was one of the girls. We had more tea parties that summer and I was dressed for all of them.

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    No such luck. Had to do it all by myself.

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    Once. I was 17. Abroad with school for two weeks. Anyway, was invited into the hotel room of 2 girls. Don't read anything into it, it was just dinner with friends (the rooms at that hotel had kitchens), 2 other boys were invited as well.
    Mind you, I was in love with one of those girls, and still think of her a lot, but we weren't together, she was with my best friend (one of the other 2 boys present).

    So, we have a quick meal, don't remember what. Over the course of conversation, one of the girls decides it'd be fun to dress my best friend in her clothes. Then extends it to the other boy. I'm sitting there, silently watching the strange events.
    I'm simultaneously hoping that they'll notice/remember I'm there and that they won't.
    They eventually do, and it's not long until I'm in a dress as well. Over my male clothes. I don't remember most of the particulars of that night (drinking was involved, and it was 21 years ago), but I remember thinking the dress I wore was very ugly. Looked like a grandma dress, rather than a dress you'd find in the closet of a 17 year old girl.

    Anyway, the whole thing didn't last long. A few pictures were taken by the girls, shown to other pupils the next day. And then the event was never mentionned by anyone involved.

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    Yes, at a very young age my mother would dress me up regularly in my older sisters velvet dresses, one green and one maroon, knickers, vest ankle socks and of course a pair of her shoes with a cross over strap and buckle. I was in heaven and i seem to remember it was me who wanted this, so much so that i went to the Queen?s Coronation street party all dressed up complete with a ribbon in my hair and pushing a doll in a pram. Many years later i was given a picture taken of me by a neighbour from the street, i pretended to be embarrassed. At that time i do not remember where or what my father made of it or even if he knew, and i can only recall my sister calling my name but extended to sound female!!

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    Yes, I mentioned this in another post, it was one of the older neighborhood boys. At first he bullied me into putting on a dress, but honestly I instantly loved it and it became a regular thing for a long time. I don't know if he talked or if it was just that obvious, but I dressed up for some others too.

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    In my early teens, I had a female cousin who found about me and she would help me dress until full puberty took over. Then I was no longer passable.
    Haven't fully dressed since those young glory days.

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    It is my firm belief that if you dress a young boy up as a girl you have more that a 50/50 chance of making him a CD or taking him down the TG path. When we are that young, our brains process things very differently. The thrill of wearing girl's clothing gets hardwired in our brains and we all know how that goes.

    Yes, I had a few early experiences where I wore girls clothing (three sisters, no brothers, you get that). All these years later (I'm old) I remember them and I cannot tell you what I had for breakfast this morning.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kandi Robbins View Post
    It is my firm belief that if you dress a young boy up as a girl you have more that a 50/50 chance of making him a CD or taking him down the TG path. When we are that young, our brains process things very differently. <snip>
    It may be that the parts of our brain which do certain things, simply mature, or 'finalize' at different points of age. The well known and easily observed tendency for someone to learn a new language before puberty and not developing a regional accent, where as if they learn it AFTER, they WILL have an accent, is an example of this. So it's quite possible that gender identity and/or sexuality may also be permanently 'stamped' into our personality at different ages as well.

    Me? My mother dressed me in my older sister's hand-me-down clothing when I was toddler age. When I later questioned it, she told me it was to keep me from ruining my 'good boy clothes'. Later I would learn, that she didn't know how to raise a boy. She had grown up with only sisters in her family, she being the eldest and was put in charge of taking care of her younger sisters often by her own mother. My mother's relatives lived over an hour away, phone use was expensive back then, and mom was never good at keeping friends, so she was isolated much of the time when I was growing up.
    Still, that didn't seem to affect me at the time. Until the fateful event that screwed up my mind around age 7, I was a pretty normal little boy.
    That was when a much older boy would convince me that god made a mistake, that I was really supposed to be a girl, and part of his proof was that his younger sister's clothes fit me perfectly (my not knowing that pre-puberty kids bodies are basically the same shape no matter which sex we are). His suggestion that I wear her clothes when we were alone in the top floor of his house, well he was my only friend, so I did whatever he asked me to do. As the first intimate relationship and me being 'the girl' in it, that sort of set into my mind what I was. The many inconsistencies involved, such as it not affecting my underlying sexuality, but re-forming my behavior from being the 'top' to always feeling like I was supposed to be the receptive partner, made life a very confusing time. As I got older, and discovered all the things that happened to me and the effects of those, one remaining problem was the lingering feeling that I was really supposed to be a girl. But I don't have any of the common female thought patterns or behaviors to go along with it.
    I'm not relationship driven. Have zero interest in babies or children. No nesting behaviors. Communication patterns distinctly male. Good spatial skills. No predisposition for endless talking; I can go for weeks without saying a word to anyone and feel perfectly normal. No problems if I have no contact with friends for weeks, months, or years, I don't automatically feel that I did something to offend them; and, when we meet, we pick up right where we left off. So much more.
    So I can't say that my mother's, or my molester's, tendency to dress me up as a girl, completely changed who I am, other than the remaining feeling that I'm in the wrong clothes, and in the wrong role in relationships.
    Some causes of crossdressing you've probably never even considered: My TG biography at:
    There's an addendum at post # 82 on that thread, too. It's about a ten minute read.
    Why don't we understand our desire to dress, behave and feel like a girl? Because from childhood, boys are told that the worst possible thing we can be, is a sissy. This feeling is so ingrained into our psyche, that we will suppress any thoughts that connect us to being or wanting to be feminine, even to the point of creating separate personalities to assign those female feelings into.

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    Slightly off topic and not me. A client of mine was once 5alking about her son being "softer" than his older brother. The younger son preferred to spend his time shopping with mom and grandma instead of big brother and dad fishing. Well my client talked to her son one time and asked gently if he liked women's clothing. When he said no, she responded with... fine. But I am going to be very mad if I find out later that you like to dress up and didn't let me help while you were young! I didn't have a little girl to dress up so you were my last chance!

    Lucky kid.

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    Once when I was in 3rd grade for halloween. My mother had me wear a sheet as a ghost and had me wear her shoes and so everyone at the party thought I was a girl because of the shoes. They couldn't figure out who I was as all the girls were accounted for - so I won the contest. Interesting - who knows if that made an impact on me. She also told me at some time that I was supposed to have been a girl when they were pregnant - but surprise a boy- perhaps

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    I have posted it here before but long story short I had an aunt who I spent a lot of time staying with them during the summer and she would dress me as a girl. My aunt always referred to me as her niece. I always was in a dress and panties and I can still vividly remember the first time she slid nylon stockings up my legs and attached them to my garter belt.

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    My older sister dressed up my and my cousin once. I actually loved it but everyone laughed and I felt embarrassed.

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    No one every dressed me up; I was an only child. I did wear my mothers tights, now referred to as leggings, starting when I was 12. My mother let me wear them around the house but she eventually told me to take them off. This was in the 60's when society was obviously a lot more stringent in terms of acceptance. She always said she wanted a girl also; so I think thats whey she did not make too big an issue of my dressing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by April Rose View Post
    Somehow I am reminded of a song:

    "Devil made me do it the first time,
    Second time I done it on my own....."
    Billy Joe Shaver
    Song: The Devil Made Me Do It the First Time
    Album: Salt of the Earth
    He is among Texas?s greatest poets and songwriters

    Quote Originally Posted by Kandi Robbins View Post
    It is my firm belief that if you dress a young boy up as a girl you have more that a 50/50 chance of making him a CD or taking him down the TG path…
    A pastor and mentor of mine made the observation that if a behavior comes out under certain circumstances, it was already in there to begin with. He was speaking about alcohol related bad behavior but it makes sense for a wide range of behaviors and circumstances, crossdressing from introduction included. In my case, dressing me as a girl at age nine, at my request, reinforced a behavior that had already appeared at age five, shortly after I began selecting my own clothes to wear in drab each morning. I suspect that, if CD is already in there for any boy, being dressed up just brings it out. If it is not already in there, it likely will not come out. An argument for CD being hardwired in the brain, perhaps.

    At age nine, I asked my Mum to dress me as a girl for Halloween. I was soon wearing a wig, a peasant blouse, and a floor length broomstick skirt that she borrowed from my then 14 year old aunt, her younger sister. She applied some light makeup to make me quite convincing. My sister, whose clothes have always fit me even to this day, would not lend me her shoes, so I had my boy shoes under my skirt to give away my secret. I marched with all the 300 children in my elementary school in a Halloween parade and later went out for the evening trick or treating. I remember it being a warm sunny afternoon for the parade but a cold enough night to encourage leggings or pants or both under my skirt to keep warm. Girls my age wore leggings or pants under their skirts on chilly days, shedding them upon arrival indoors at school. So did I likewise that day. I do not remember Dad or any of my friends saying anything about my costume. This was small town Iowa in the mid 1960s but no one in the school seemed concerned about my costume.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brenda Freeman View Post
    No but my mom wanted to dress me up for Halloween one year when I could not decide on a costume. I wanted to so bad but said no. a big regret to this day as I look back I would have loved to see what she had in mind.
    If you don?t mind me asking, was there a specific costume in mind, or was the costume simply, ?dressed as a girl??

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    Yes. When I was 5, my four older female cousins wanted to play dress up and use me as their model. They would put a dress on me and then jewelry and they put lipstick and makeup on me. I kinda pretended that I was just going along reluctantly so they could have their fun. But I was in my glory! I loved the feel of the dress and particularly the lipstick. They even had me put on pantyhose and I have a stocking fetish to this day.

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