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Thread: My CDing days are over.

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    Gold Member Alice Torn's Avatar
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    Apr 2006
    Midwest U.S.

    My CDing days are over.

    At 68yo, I purged all my clothing designed for women a over a month ago. I did keep some pantyhose for wintertime to wear under pants. I have mental and emotional and social health issues and a few physical issues, and for me, i needed to change myself if i ever want a relationship with a woman in my old age, too. And, also, the very sobering, serious dangerous times we are entering, where surviving is the issue. I thank all of you, who have ben supportive of me, in all my troubles and issues. I know that every person, CD or non CD, has own issues and experiences and pain and joy in life. And at different levels of personal change and growth. And different personalities and brains, and bodies. And very different situations in life. Each human CD, or not is a unique individual. The world is entering a very difficult time now. Take care of yourselves, your families, and your pets.

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    Junior Member Emily in the south's Avatar
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    Aug 2022
    NW Arkansas
    Sorry to hear about this. Looks like you have been a very long term member.

    I am no expert, being a new member, so will not attempt to give you any advice, but I understand and wish you the very, very best in the future.

    Take care.

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    Senior Member Maid_Marion's Avatar
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    Jul 2018
    Hi Alice,

    I wish you the best.

    I've come the opposite conclusion with my own situation.
    Wearing female clothes gives me the best opportunity for meeting someone; what you see is what you get!
    When you are as short as I am dating sites are useless as a guy.


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    NJ, where else?
    Alice, good luck on the rest of your journey through life, we all have far too few days to do the things we most want to do and often look back and wonder how it went so fast.

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    Silver Member Amy Lynn3's Avatar
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    North Carolina
    Alice, we all hate that you must deal with the issues life hands each one of us, but may I suggest you still remain a member here. It would be nice to hear from you as you change the course of your life and being a member here would be a good way to keep up with old friends. If and when you find that special someone, we would love to hear about her.

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    Platinum Member kimdl93's Avatar
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    Going to seed!
    Do take care of yourself, Alice.

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    Member PaulaJeanette's Avatar
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    May 2004
    Best wishes to you Alice on this new phase and life journey!
    Love to wear matching bras, panties, and garter belts

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    Senior Member Tracy Irving's Avatar
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    Aug 2016
    SE Wisconsin
    It is important to take care of yourself first. I wish you the best of luck moving forward.

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    Aspiring Member Debbie Denier's Avatar
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    Nov 2021
    Merseyside UK
    All the best Alice. I thought it was over when I became a father . It came back big time. I feel you have made your decision. I hope whatever path that you take that you find true happiness.

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    Silver Member Marcia Blue's Avatar
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    Apr 2009
    Western Iowa
    Take care of yourself, Alice.
    Marcia (LOVES) Blue

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    Member Teresa.Smith.VA's Avatar
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    May 2021
    After 7,359 posts I'm sure that you will be welcome with open arms should you change your mind about your participation in CDing and posting on Take care.
    Last edited by Teresa.Smith.VA; 08-13-2022 at 04:49 PM.
    Fact: Some members can never post pictures in their feminine finery to support their stories and experiences. Please be understanding and kind.

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    Happy Halloween! docrobbysherry's Avatar
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    Orange County, Calif.
    Alice, no matter what, u were and always will be a CD! And, we don't know or care how you're dressed. We just care that you're here with us.

    So, don't be a stranger!
    U can't keep doing the same things over and over and expect to enjoy life to the max. When u try new things, even if they r out of your comfort zone, u may experience new excitement and growth that u never expected.

    Challenge yourself and pursue your passions! When your life clock runs out, you'll have few or NO REGRETS!

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    Super Moderator char GG's Avatar
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    Jan 2014
    Take care, Alice. Do what you feel is best for you.

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    Rural T Girl Teri Ray's Avatar
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    Jun 2008
    Best wishes for you finding you best way forward
    Teri Ray Rural Idaho Girl.

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    Aspiring Member GracieRose's Avatar
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    Aug 2017
    I wish you all the best, wherever your journey takes you.

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    Senior Member Sandi Beech's Avatar
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    Everyone has to do what they feel is right for them. I wish you good luck moving forward with whatever direction you choose.


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    GG Dutchess's Avatar
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    Hollywood & Vine
    Much love Alice.. I think this might be a new life for you.. Let us know you are doing ok <3
    IG : Knightress Oxide

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    Senior Member mbmeen12's Avatar
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    Feb 2012
    You do you and be safe....the only thing consent in life, is change....
    Escapism isn't necessarily bad, but is definitely unhealthy in the long term. While helpful in the short term, things will degrade over time. At some point, the escapee will have to face the issue. Things simply blowing over isn't really going to happen in many situations.

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    Senior Member DianeT's Avatar
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    Feb 2017
    Alice I hope you find your soulmate. Good luck.

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    Gold Member bridget thronton's Avatar
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    Jun 2006
    Michigan USA
    Best wishes for happiness as you move forward Alice

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    The 100th sheep GaleWarning's Avatar
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    Mar 2008
    Living in the present
    Alice, go well; do well; be well!
    May life be everything you want it to be.
    May you find the one you have been searching for.

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    Member ronny0's Avatar
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    Oct 2010
    South West USA
    Alice..... You sound so depressed, don't give up... Not sure I would have purged, you never know what tomorrow will hold.
    And at our age, tomorrow is always a gift........
    As we all age life many times becomes more difficult. Our health tends to decline, friends start to die off etc......
    Trying to find a companion while going through health issues is a extremely difficult thing to pull off.
    Tell you all a short story: Nothing CD related, Old friend had a Uncle that had a health scare, spent some time in a facility recovering.
    While their he met the love of his life............... Ended up getting married, then passed a few years later.
    His children had to get the Sheriff to evict her from their fathers home.
    As it turned out, this was the third time this lady married some one from the care facility.
    She knew all the laws relating to inheritance and made the family go through hell dealing with her.
    Sometimes a good friend is better than a married partner........
    At least no lawyer YET has tried to sue over the family dog not getting their share of what little is left to fight over......
    Try to keep your spirits up, and hopefully you will find some companionship to easy you through what is yet to come.
    We all will eventually go down this road, and it is sad that society hasn't come up with ways to lesson the problems for all those involved.

    PS: docrobbysherry I love your response, we all could go forward with that thought.

    [SIZE=1]- - - Updated - - -[/SIZE]

    Just tried to PM you, can't do it error:
    Alice Torn has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space.

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    Member Annajose's Avatar
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    Hi Alice, I guess the objective we all pursue is happiness, hope you find it in whatever form it presents! Wish you all the best!

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    Aspiring Member SaraLin's Avatar
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    Jun 2017
    Central Fla.
    I wish you the best of luck on your new journey in life. May it go surprisingly well.

    But remember, if you ever need to stop by and visit - we'll leave a light on.

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    New Member
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    Jul 2022
    Surrey, UK
    Good luck Alice
    Especially in finding a new relationship.
    I think I might make the same choice if I ever had to choose
    between CD?ing & being in a relationship.

    Who knows , you might find that special someone who will accept your CD?ing.

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