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Thread: Why do you crossdress?

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    [/QUOTE]Nattelle5004 "I like smoking my cigar but I take it out of my mouth once in a while.[QUOTE].
    That is an analogy I don't understand but ok....and as to the original post question, it accelerated with my ex who thought it was fun in bedroom ironically as to all things, I wanted more....dress for success etc..and it felt great.
    Escapism isn't necessarily bad, but is definitely unhealthy in the long term. While helpful in the short term, things will degrade over time. At some point, the escapee will have to face the issue. Things simply blowing over isn't really going to happen in many situations.

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    Makes me happy, It just feels right to dress, I have different feelings when I?m Katey, puts me in my happy place. I just feel amazing!!! Oh I could go on?.

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    To feel less stressed and escape this reality for a bit or a day. When I am Christina I am in a different reality. It's my escape. It's also a coping skill I use to help with PTSD.

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    I remember when I told my wife and about a year later she had come home from work and I was dressed and that wasn't something unusual. But this time for some reason I felt embarrassed that she had to see her husband dressed like a women and I started apologizing to her that she had to see me like that and deal with it and I just didn't understand what drives me to do it. That day she put everything in prospective for me, she asked me why I have so much guilt and that I wasn't really doing anything that bad. She told me instead of trying to figure it out or look to much into it why not just enjoy it when opportunity comes. I took her advice and it just seemed like I finally got a piece mind and as much as just like anything in a marriage it's not alway a smooth road but we worked at it together and made sure we were both happy with the situation.

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    Yeah... as Paula said, many (most?) females like to wear very feminine clothes at times.
    No, not all the time but, just when the mood strike them or when a situation warrants it .
    BTW, a bridal gown is usually the ultimate in a feminine dress and most females look forward to wearing it.
    Some like to dress rather feminine all the time. while others just occasionally.

    So, are we basically that much different ?

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    I just love how it makes me feel. It wasn?t always like that, it used to come with guilt attached.
    Now it just feels natural and I feel very relaxed and comfortable

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    Quote Originally Posted by crobeson96 View Post

    The element of eroticism we enjoy when dressed is inevitable (IMO!) even to those who self-report otherwise. We are wired deep as we go to find the whole aspect as well as the tiniest elements of femininity attractive. Dressing is a way to conjure a woman we have complete control over and who can say that about any other woman? The one in the mirror or reflected in a shop window always smiles back.

    Hey this is all me LOL! Any pretense of universalism is unintentional other than I hope you enjoyed reading my comment. My perspective is that of heterosexual crossdresser and is not intended to represent the motivations of the many other kinds of persons born in a male body who find dressing in female clothing rewarding in some elemental way.
    Thanks crobeson. I really like and resonate with what you wrote. That woman in the mirror... And yes it is erotic!

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    I love too feel feminine, and dress feminine, because I am about 80 percent female in my mind and spirit.

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    For about the last 20 years I've worn thong underwear off and on under my male clothing. Only started fully cross dressing, (dresses, shorts, tops for the shorts, nightgowns, bikini panties ect) in the last two months after my wife passed in July. Can't explain why I never tried cross dressing while my wife was alive except to say the thought never occured to me. After she passed I was headed to the store to buy some bikini panties for the first time and had a thought pop into my head "I wonder what I would look like dressed as a woman". That was immediately followed by "transforming Dean into Diane".

    So besides buying several pair of bikini panties I bought a few dresses. Got home and decided to put on the panties and one of the dresses. That felt so wonderful and natural to be wearing women's clothes. As strange as it may sound I also discovered that I had a "female half", hence my use of Diane as my name in these forums. I'm not a woman trapped in a man's body I just feel that I have a feminine side that wanted to be able to express herself. Since 'discovering' that part of myself I feel complete, as if I was only half a person before.

    For me I guess this all boils down to "I feel more comfortable, happier, natural and completely myself" when I'm wearing women's clothes. Of course I do it just at home. I have a beard and would really look strange in women's clothes in public. I might sometime decide to shave the beard so I can dress the way I feel and go out in public, but that will not be any time soon.

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    My reason is pretty shallow and a bit naughty: I'm turned on by seeing women getting caught flashing their panties ? especially in public media. I always knew that was embarrassing and wanted to experience it for myself.

    That's all I think I should post about it...
    Bring back tricot nylon panties...

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    For me it is just about the optics/aesthetics. I just think women look better, they dress better have more options in dressing, styling and for me most importantly can do a lot more with their hair. I envy them for this and admire their looks. I don't want to be a woman, I just want those possibilities in hairstyling and dressing because i simply think women look better than guys. I try to look well as a guy too. But women just have more options.and i want those options for myself. I have thought about it for my whole life. The dressing part is not that important for me. The hair is. There are a lot of guys with beautifully styled hair in feminine styles. But it just looks better when the clothing matches. So this is my shallow reason it is just about the aesthetics of a woman wich I want for myself.
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    I agree with Ann about the "boxer" shorts. Miserable things we were forced to wear in the USMC because they looked "manly." "Y" fronts weren't allowed. We were told men wear "trousers" and only girls and queers wear "pants." I thought it was funny because we had to wear elastic on our boots and roll up the cuffs of our trousers for that look that was called "blousing" and then the top jacket you wore was called a "blouse!" I thought a blouse was a woman's top. Anyway those boxer shorts were baggy and on long marches they wadded up and chafed you something awful, but by golly they were "Manly!" Another insane idea about clothing from the other-military-side. But why do I cross dress? Who the heck knows!? I am left handed and brown eyed, maybe it's in that mix somewhere. As always, I wish I wasn't one.

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    I started dressing because I was attracted to the clothing when I was young. Why I dress now is because If I don't, I can't live with myself. I get real irritable and antsy when I don't dress for a while. Then when I dress my mood changes. I can live with myself again I do it to tame down something in me. Maybe my female side is pushing me to do it. I could never figure it out. All I know once I am dressed I feel better about myself. I do know I have always had thoughts that I wish I was born female. I am also left handed , Maybe that has something to do with my dressing.

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