After a relatively slow couple of weeks, I finally went on a proper outing this past Friday. I started by going to a Goodwill and an Art store which I have visited enfemme since my first outing.

Unfortunately, on the way back, an intoxicated / homeless / unstable person was sitting at the street corner, 30-40 feet from my car, which was parked between two cars and blocked by a double parked UPS truck. 😩

Trying not to stare, I watched the man at the corner from the edge of my field of vision. The man saw me approach and after fixing his stare and watching me for a few seconds, hollered something unintelligible and got on his feet, but didn't come towards me.

I took my eyes off him just long enough to look at the UPS driver who looked like he was getting ready to go, but not quick enough for me. "Excuse me", I said, a little panic in my voice. "Could you get me out of here please?", showing him my keys and pointing to the car he was blocking.

The UPS driver looked at me, understood my predicament, laughed (not a mean laugh, but he did) and said "Sorry". Then he started his truck.

"It's Ok" I said, rushing into my car. Eventually, the truck moved and I drove off.

Next, I visited a Ross and Safeway in a neighboring town and on the way back, another Ross where I picked up a dress and a skirt.

There, my outing ended. Unfortunately, I had to go back into drab and scrub off my nail polish to pick up some repaired tools from a contractor.

Thanks for reading.