Ok, how many have had a great fantasy and then had an opportunity to live it and the reality is nothing like real life?
Perhaps you might be willing to share your folly as well.

We've had a busy week with much traveling and finally had a day, today, to catch up. One of my fantasies was it would be cool to clean around the house wearing a mini skirt. All sort of great images came up. Well, life is not like that. I had hoped I could get by with sweeping, but one floor was really really bad and needed mopping. Well, no problem right? It just meant I had to bend more and use more effort. Like I said, the floor was really bad. After over 30 minutes of mopping, I was getting hot and tired. I felt like I had an oven under my bra. Sweat under a bra, not a good feeling. Going to rethink next time. Wrecks the whole sexy girly dream. pfft.

Well that was my real life wake up today. What have you had?