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Thread: Bummer, reality is not like fantasy

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    Bummer, reality is not like fantasy

    Ok, how many have had a great fantasy and then had an opportunity to live it and the reality is nothing like real life?
    Perhaps you might be willing to share your folly as well.

    We've had a busy week with much traveling and finally had a day, today, to catch up. One of my fantasies was it would be cool to clean around the house wearing a mini skirt. All sort of great images came up. Well, life is not like that. I had hoped I could get by with sweeping, but one floor was really really bad and needed mopping. Well, no problem right? It just meant I had to bend more and use more effort. Like I said, the floor was really bad. After over 30 minutes of mopping, I was getting hot and tired. I felt like I had an oven under my bra. Sweat under a bra, not a good feeling. Going to rethink next time. Wrecks the whole sexy girly dream. pfft.

    Well that was my real life wake up today. What have you had?

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    Every time I dress and put makeup on.

    I have expectations of getting it right and looking great every time. The reality never lives up to the dream.

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    On Friday morning shortly after getting out of bed, I did a few small chores my wife usually does. I was still dressed in my nightie, panties, bra, and forms. She thanked me for the few things I had done. I wanted so badly to offer that I'd be happy to help with all the household chores if she wouldn't mind me doing so dressed in a maid's outfit. I kept my mouth shut in that regard and just said I was happy to help out.
    It's never too late to enjoy a happy childhood.
    Live each day as though it's your last 'cause one day you'll be right.
    I'm finding the more feminine side of me...and I ❤️ this adventure.

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    I like the realism of doing work around the house at least partially dressed. When i mow the lawn I usually have on a bra. Getting sweaty and then heading to shower and throwing my sweaty bra into the hamper is all so real, just like a woman would do. So embrace the sweatyness.


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    Gee that sounds a lot more like pure work than a fantasy. A long time ago, I had similar thoughts. Mine were more like doing the chores if I could only wear pantyhose. Of course no amount of work I did would ever be enough to make my wife accept that, so it never happened.

    I am pretty lucky though because my outings at clubs have been even better than my imagination - but the house cleaning fantasy is not something I desire to do any more.


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    Looking back, way back, I used to suggest to my wife that I would like her to direct me to do household chores while dressed. In the process of peeling my mental onion, I came eventually to the conclusion that this submissiveness may have been driven by the notion that if she asked/encouraged me to do dress (for work or play), that relieved me from owning my own desire/need to dress.

    I am finally past the point (I think/hope) of needing someone to give me permission. Now days, I live as much of my life as possible at least presenting as a woman (some would understandably object to me saying I live as a woman, whatever that may mean.), whether I’m doing household chores or maintenance, or running errands around town.
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    Donna, you have to think like a woman. Not too many women are going to mop the floors or clean the bathroom in a mini-skirt. I have freely admitted on this site that my femme thoughts are grounded in the 1960's a la June Cleaver, "Leave It to Beaver." Before my wife retired and before Covid I had full days for Stephanie time. My wife does not drive due to a depth perception problem due to a head trauma as a girl. I dropped her off and picked her up from work; so no "Surprise I'm home!"

    I only wear dresses. Ever see June Cleaver or Harriet Nelson in a dress? Never. After dropping my wife at work I donned a dress, hosiery and heels, bra, panty and slip, and, my grey wig. No makeup, as it is too time consuming to apply and remove. It was a day full of domestic chores; change the bed linen, do the laundry (several loads), iron my guy shirts and slips/nightgowns, wash dishes, vacuum, bake banana coffee cake or a cherry cake, meal preparation, water the flowers in the back yard. In between all these activities I did have time to make and eat breakfast and lunch, read a book, check emails, do some ebay or on-line shopping.

    My wife's only complaint; "You never clean the bathrooms!" In a dress and heels? Give me a break!

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    I love doing house chores dressed up, put on a dress, curl my hair sometimes makeup get busy.

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    The first few weeks of going 24/7 was awesome but soon realized it was the same as when I was living as a male.
    The chores were the same and my boobs sweat.
    Talk about getting air taken out of your sails.

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    My "fantasy" is that I am actually a woman so obviously, I have never been able to live out that fantasy.

    Have I swept the floor, dressed as a woman? Yes I have. I have hung pictures and shelves as a woman, cleaned house, done the laundry, etc. And I have been out and about in public as a woman several times. Driving, shopping, etc.

    We can have our fantasies, but we have to keep reality in mind.

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    I don't think one has to do 24/7 to see how your body will acclimate to your outfit, but the added bust and hips will definitely make one realize how the male body is superior for movement

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