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Thread: Back Into dressing, Some wonderful experiences.

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    Wink Back Into dressing, Some wonderful experiences.

    Hii Everyone,
    Its been a while,Lauren didn't get chance to be out due to some reason but Gladly! Now,i have time for myself. Recently,I did some shopping and felt like sharing with you all.

    Last week,I was at my friends place in a small gathering and when everyone was busy in food,i got a glimpse of a beautiful pair of platform wedge slip-ons and was curious,who could be the wearer as women in my group usually prefer flats. Eventually, mystery was solved and it was one of my friend's colleague.While we were just having casual conversation,i mentioned those shoes and talk went to stage where she asked me,"whether you would like to try them on?" as we both have same size.
    Anyways,fast forward,I wanted to get those for me so I found out(told by lady) that that pair is from Browns Shoe,Nadia wishbone collection and my search ended in Premium outlets.

    It was weekend, jam packed store due to 50% Sale.Amid all that choas, I was approached by a SA and asked me ,"What are you looking for?" so,I showed her the picture and my size.In moments,she brought me the pair and asked me,"Is the person with you,whom you are buying for?"
    I answered that these are for me,
    SA: "O cool,would you like to try them on?",She said,"Just Fyi,they may feel narrow but with passage of time,those will loosen up" and she asked me any particular reason/occasion to get those to which i answered,i always loved jeffrey Campbell and feel that this pair is also like JCampbell.I even showed her some pics as she wanted to have a look.
    I did try them but those were too narrow and eventually,we found out that box was size 11 but pair was size 9 so they ordered it for me and i Went again and tried them on in store,The SA in store was very helpful and friendly.

    Another wonderful experience i had Yesterday, we have a local store and they had a sale on clothing and shoes so I went afternoon to have a look.After searching for sometime i asked the SA for corset,she ask,"Do you know the size" and i Answered that "its for me".
    On hearing this,she measured me quickly and even help me tightening corsets while trying them on.I bought 2 of those. While we were talking, I had thought of trying some shoes as well so i picked couple of those so they can bring those pairs in my size.I even went back to my vehicle to wear my wishbone wedge so I compare them with these heels. The moment i entered the store again and she saw my heels,she got excited and asked me,"Do you dress up and wear them occasionally or most of time?' and she told me about her interest in Drag Queens. Meanwhile, i was trying those shoes as well beside talking and complaining about not having make up service nearby for crossdressers.Eventually she opened up about she being makeup artist,she said,"she do make up for bridals but those are quite subtle". Hearing this,i asked whether she would provide her service to me,to which her answer was a "Big smile,would love to do that"and eventually, we exchanged contacts.Tbh,She looks pretty happy as she said,"she always wanted to do makeup where there is a huge scope"
    I am so happy about it.I am planning to go this month or early next month and will post it here.
    These small steps and acceptance do impact me alot.
    Felt like sharing this.Also,will try to be more active after so long.

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    Those sound like pretty big steps! Have fun!

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    That sounds awesome. Those are some fantastic interactions.

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    Those are great experiences. Thanks for sharing.

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    Wow thats customer service from SAs the way it should be. The makeover offer is like a dream come true. Look forward to hearing about the outcome.

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    Thanks for sharing. It's nice to read accounts of genuine enthusiastic acceptance. I like the manner in which she differentiated; "subtle" and "huge scope." I bet doing a full facial makeup may be a challenge for her. There's money to be made.

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    Lauren, Those sound like great experiences.
    Please call me Jamie, I always_have crossdressed, I always will, "alwayshave".

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    Now that is part luck, and part drive from you. It?s sounds great and I?m glad you found a makeup artist.

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    I love your story. It is so great how you gathered up the courage, or confidence, to enter a store and tell the SA what you want. Not an easy thing to do. I remember my first time, but I also remember how quickly it became easier AND more fun!

    I hope you realize that the response of your SA was not an isolated case. In my experience, ALL the SAs I have met have been very helpful, even enthusiastic to help a CD find their way. I think there are several possibilities as to why, but in the end it doesn't matter. I just feel accepted as if were one of them and the conversations can be surprisingly intimate in a way that no man ever experiences. This is what I hope for you and anyone else who chooses to shop for themselves. Good luck going forward.

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    Perhaps have made a new friend - thanks for sharing

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    Wow, Finding your own personal make up artist I wish I couldfind one. Great post have fun

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    Wow you are having some really great experiences. And the shoes sound lovely.

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