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Thread: Amazing break through

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    Amazing break through

    Over the past couple years have had many ups and downs between my wife and the cross dressing. Up to speed my wife has come to accept it and to a point understanding about it. Over the past 6 months or so, she has given me pointers on my make-up, curling my hair, showing me a good stance for my body type and doing my nails. She knows a have breast enhancements along with my padded support bras. She actually took one from me. I bought 3 different bras. 1 36B, 1 38C and a 40C. Soon as she seen the 40C she took it and said it was hers. LOL... that same day we bought matching dresses. I stay at home most of the time and usually wear girl shorts and girl tank tops and hair is always in a ponytail unless I curl it. A few nights ago I had been doing yard chores in male mode and when I finished up I told I was putting on my dress. She followed me into the bedroom and said she would be right there. She came out wearing the same matching dress. I thought she was making fun of me so I went back in and changed into male mode. The look on her face about broke my heart. She was Disappointed, we talked about it for a bit and I changed back into my dress along with my bra. As we talked she said we should get a hotel room for a night and we could dress up the same. She said Of course you'll have to shave and do your nails and we could lay around the pool and maybe have a couple drinks at the bar. Quite amazing break through! Although she doesn't say anything I am still hesitant to get dressed in front of her . She doesn't mind me wearing my B cup when I'm out with her but she has said the 38c is a bit to noticeable, hopefully that will change if we get a hotel. And I don't know why but she is always pulling up my dress to see what panties I'm wearing. To be honest, lately she has given me more affection when I'm dressed up. I'm thin and tale and have the physique of the female athlete without the butt. I think that she just might be attracted to that or the dresses just show it better?

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    That's amazing! I think a thing we have to remember is that for us, it's a life long thing that we've been struggling with, but for those who we tell, it's only that long that they've known let alone had to process. For some, if they're given the time and space to really digest everything, the people we tell often times are accepting and happy to be entrusted enough to know the "big secret."

    Of course, there are plenty of examples of SOs that are disapproving, and that's always such a tragedy, but it's great to hear that you're wife has maybe found a new enjoyment from this that can become your shared thing!

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    It is wonderful to hear your story. I'm so happy for you that your wife is accepting. Enjoy it and her.

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    Whatever it is DeeDee just go with the flow & see where it leads.

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    Wear B cups for awhile. She needs to have C's for herself.

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    DeeDee, That sounds fantastic. I'm so glad your wife is coming around to acceptance.
    Please call me Jamie, I always_have crossdressed, I always will, "alwayshave".

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    You have a great wife

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    really dont want to damp your youforia but ive been here a couple of times with past girlfriends, just tread carefully dont rush it, because its new and exiting at the moment your wife is enjoying it, but it got to a point where I was feeling amazing and could dress all the time, after months of going out dressed with her in many hotels , going out shopping, bars at night etc, I got more into it, and sort of took the lead in thinking I could do it anytime with or without her, so I came home from work got changed, when to bed in a nightie, the moral of the story is I sort of cut my girlfriend out, I was an independant woman now. BIG mistake, she felt I didnt need her anymore, I did my own makeup, chose my own clothes etc. So the inevitable happened she started to resent me dressing and wanted her man back. So tread carefully on how it goes in the future, my not be the case with you, you may just end up two girls living together happy ever after.

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    DeeDee, That is absolutely wonderful and something that we all would like. You have a great wife for sure.
    I started reading the post by Debs and was thinking, Do not throw water on this but what she said is very true, my wife was accepting and really into things and then just changed her mind.
    Be careful but enjoy the heck out of this and pay attention to your wife’s needs.

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    DeeDee , that's fantastic news

    I hope you have made sure to ask your wife what you can do for HER to keep her happy as well.
    It might be as simple as finding out "what should I do more of/less of" or arranging a date night with you in boy mode.


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    Well, DeeDee, it appears you are in the neighborhood of Nirvana. Congratulations. It sounds like your wife wants to have some fun with this thing of yours and that is likely a sign of considerable acceptance.

    That said, don't push the envelope too far. Some members here have learned first hand that women can change their minds. Keep your coloring within the lines for the most part. She may be exploring this new thing and may not have committed to it yet. Assume for now, she wants to see what happens.

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    I would tread lightly. My wife tends to swing a from accepting to Hey, cut that out.

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    Good luck with this, DeeDee. Remember, communication is the key. For me, I did not get everything I wanted in CDing, but our marriage evolved into an FLR, and She decides what and when I can wear and I embrace Her authority, but it was communicating that changed things. Nancy

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    DeeDee, Isn't wonderful when the wife is so accepting. Mine was hesitant for the longest time. Allowing me to dress, then not want me to the next. Part of that was the town we lived in, she knew a lot of people and was afraid of me "getting caught". I don't know what anyone would have done had they found out. I respected that. But then moved to So Cal, we know nobody except work mates and we never saw them outside of work. One day when she voiced a concern about me getting outed, I told her I didn't care if anyone found out. In all the time Michelle was out in the world, I was almost always "ma'amed" or no one noticed. So her attitude change greatly. The choice of clothes I wear is totally up to me. She has no issues with Michelle going out with her, she has even suggested "girl" trips.
    So I suggest enjoy the attention. Good luck, Hug your wife often.
    Hugs, Michelle.

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    It's great that your wife appears to be so accepting. I understand the cautionary remarks made by some that have been there only to have their wives/girlfriends change their minds. With that possibility, all you can really do is keep talking with your wife and make certain she knows you are willing to back off to some degree if ever she wants you to do so.
    It's never too late to enjoy a happy childhood.
    Live each day as though it's your last 'cause one day you'll be right.
    I'm finding the more feminine side of me...and I ❤️ this adventure.

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    I am envious of your situation. In the past, my wife was more accepting of my dressing, but she seems to have cooled on it. She would play with my boobs (forms) and even have s*x with me as Krisi, but not lately.

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    I went back and read some of your previous posts. Two years and you have had a nice progression and a lot of it seems to have been prompted by your wife. I think your wife has been able to get over the initial shocks and has realized you're the same guy she married, but with a little quirk. She can either have fun with it; or seethe in disgust and anger. You lucked out to have a wife who is more than tolerant; she accepting and a participant. I looked at one of your pictures and your stature maybe softens the visual image she sees.

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    I am sooooooo jealous! Your wife is the kind of woman most of us can only dream of, and it sounds like you are too!

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    DeeDee, that's great to hear. she's special just let her know that as well

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