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Thread: Life is good, no fantastic

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    Life is good, no fantastic

    Hey, as long as ignore the "news" designed to increase hatred, life is good. Well, except for echo which lead to more drugs and fixing "de-conditioned", a new phrase for "out of shape", body.

    I was feeling blue from echo results so ordered a new tiered dress from Macys. It arrived yesterday and of course I had to try it on that night. Not anything special there, yet. The cool part was what happened next. It was, what? a year or two where I had to sneak in fem purchases. I just said, it was new and on sale. Reaction, well that looks so cute. Does it come in other colors, you should get one. No luck, so I pointed out 2 other dresses that were cute. The next thing I know, I have 2 more dresses she ordered that are coming next week. Pretty surprising and much much appreciated. Since I've started working on de-de-conditioning this old body, the dresses are starting to look better as well. Nice bonus to getting more conditioned. It was just jan 2021 that I started a new years resolution of dressing several times a week, and now it is almost daily. Life is more enjoyable now with positives.

    So what good news, or positive steps, have impacted your life recently?

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    Glad to hear that you are sneaking around no more - got to be easier on the nerves and blood pressure. Like you, I've been enjoying the CD benefits of a better conditioned body as well, after years of neglect or abject laziness. Yes, CDing has many positive side effects.

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    What a great story. I can't help but call out the irony so many of us live with, dressing to rid ourselves of the stress caused by having to hide our dressing. I'll bet it's absolutely wonderful to not have to hide any more.
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    Donna, That is fantastic. Enjoy your new dresses in a stress free environment.
    Please call me Jamie, I always_have crossdressed, I always will, "alwayshave".

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    Fantastic news. Glad things are working out for you.

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    Dressing at home whenever you want is really the way it should be. Glad you are there.
    It's never too late to enjoy a happy childhood.
    Live each day as though it's your last 'cause one day you'll be right.
    I'm finding the more feminine side of me...and I ❤️ this adventure.

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    Sounds like you are having a good day. Macys definitely has some cute tiered dresses. I like shopping at Macys online as they are quick to ship things. Enjoy your new dresses.


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    You have a great wife

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    That is so awesome! Really Happy for you!
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    What a gr8 read. Sometimes life is so kind. Friday night when discussing an upcoming weekend away, I cheekily chimed in about not having a new outfit for a while. Long Tall Sally order was completed soon after, spray on jeans, off the shoulder top and 4" heels. Had to compromise on shoes and go size 44 so we can share

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    that was nice to read, alway good when your making progress

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    That is really good to hear! Its so nice to see relationships evolve in a positive direction.

    And motivating. I have been avoiding the gym and become very lax on conditioning since having eye surgery last spring. My efforts to lose the extra covid weight by diet alone have fallen short, mostly because I enjoy eating. Your example lends me some much needed encouragement.

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    Life is getting better for you.A positive and wonderful direction to go.

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