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Thread: Going out for Halloween

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    Ms. Pantyhose Kathi-Anne's Avatar
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    Jun 2005
    I've wanted to go out as catwoman Michelle Pfeiffer. " I am Kathwoman,hear me roar!

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    Member Marcelo's Avatar
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    Aug 2016
    DFW, TX
    Going to Battleship New Jersey on October 28 for their Adult Moonlight Tour. After that, I'm going to Eastern State Penitentiary's Halloween Nights to get a few drinks and wreak havoc on the actors. (I've already emailed them with a pic of me requesting extra rough handling). If I were into mindless club dancing I would go to the party on the Moshulu. (Not my cup of tea).

    On October 29 I'll be back in NYC and plan to do the 1 Vanderbilt tour, the Museum of Ice Cream and Luna Park wearing my 80s tennis outfit. If I'm feeling adventurous I might change into my cheerleader uniform and take the train to Brighton Asylum and wreak havoc there. I also plan on doing Blood Manor in NYC.

    When I get home Sunday I plan on going to Thrillvania and maybe another haunted house if it's not too late. Don't have any plans for October 31 yet...

    I went to Cutting Edge Haunted House last Saturday and one of the actors stuck his chainsaw between my legs as I was sitting on the ground kicking at him. Not sure who had the most fun with that but he seemed to enjoy it!
    Bring back tricot nylon panties...

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    I hope to go clubbing this weekend, but will probably just go out on Friday night - assuming my sore feet recover in time from my outing last weekend ; ) Saturday will be way to crowded.

    I will be wearing my red metallic miniskirt , red boots, red horns and tail. Now I just need to get a red plastic pitchfork.


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    Junior Member Jackie27's Avatar
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    Quincy, Illinois
    I am going out and I can't wait/ I have been putting together an outfit for quite a while now. I bought a PU leather jacket with all kinds of zippers, a PU leather mini skirt with zippers and new shoes. I'm waiting for my new blouse and earrings to show up too, if not I have a top I could wear as plan B. I am going to a club an hour away for a drag show and costume contest. Like I said I am really excited to go.

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    here the idea for my outfit is starting to form. not ready to do anything femme in public yet but ill be going as a guy vampire/undead something. while it is in drab it does give me the opportunity to start experimenting with my makeup. and get some practice in with that in public

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    Senior Member Jenn A116's Avatar
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    I went to my support group's meeting this past Saturday, which was halloween themed. I went as a woman. Just threw on a halloween themed tunic top over black leggings. Did my usual makeup and wig. Added a few regular accessories like earrings and bracelets. Body shaping as well. Just went and enjoyed myself.
    Jenn A --- nothing fancy, just me.

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    Jersey Girl
    Never have and I count those as missed opportunities. Not going to this year, as far as I know, you never know what will happen with an open mind.

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