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Thread: What a week then a day out as Ellie

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    What a week then a day out as Ellie

    Part 1
    Well, as a lot of you know my wife knows all about Ellie (she gave me the name years ago) and is a supporter of everything I do. But my son doesnt know about her only that Dad likes to wear skirts and some weird androgynous tops around the house garden and occasionally to the shops with Mum. My wife has been telling me for about a year to tell him but I couldnt build up the courage because;
    1) He's a Gym junkie
    2) A Tatooed tradie
    3) A great person whom I respect enormously

    Anyway - in one of HeidiPhox's videos (She is fantastic) she was mentioning how she told her kids about her 'hobby'. Everything she said resonated with me 100% so much so that I decided to tell him.
    So I went to his room and said I know you've seen me in skirts and stuff but there is so much more to what I am and wear than just skirts. I like dressing up as a woman.
    He said "You can wear what you like - I dont care because you are such a caring and nice person.
    I was stunned......My wife was over the moon and so relieved and now it has opened the door much further than before.

    So now the basic skirts I was wearing have turned into much prettier feminine ones and he really is OK with it.
    He hasnt seen me dressed as Ellie yet but that will come soon.......

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    Part 2
    So yesterday we had a public holiday in Perth Oz for the Queens funeral.
    My son had to go to work but my wife and I were lying in bed together. I went down to make breakfast and put on a nice dress and some new shoes I bought for an outing next Tuesday.
    We had breakfast in bed and said - do you mind if I put on some makeup and she said Go - Enjoy.....
    So I did myself up for a full Ellie day as my wife had to work from home for several hours.
    Whilst we were sitting in bed - she said can you run off to the shops later I need some things for dinner. I said no problem - then she said I suppose your going to go as Ellie and I said if its OK. She said of course its OK. Go and enjoy yourself.
    This was working out to be the best week of my life.

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    Wow that's awesome Ellie! Great great week!

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    Part 3
    So she then said - I wouldnt wear that dress to the shops - tone it down a bit with a skirt and top with a nice jacket.
    So I got changed into a lovely pleated skirt and plain white top with a blue jacket and she said, perfect....
    So off to the shops
    1) Dan Murphy Alcohol shop to buy some Gin. This store has a zero tolerance to abuse policy and a fantastic LGBT acceptance policy. So no worries there. Perfect assistance and came away totally happy.
    2) Next I had to pick up some groceries so I went to the local shopping centre and because it was a public holiday it was packed so shopping for groceries took ages and standing in the queue to pay - even longer.

    I did get some second glances from shoppers but Ill explain it a bit later from another persons perspective.

    So one thing my wife mentioned before I left for the shops was that for Xmas she would like a Body shop advent calendar ($260 worth of cosmetics in a huge box -open 1 a day in December until Xmas day).
    I went in the local Brasnthings and bought a pair of stockings and the lady was great and very helpful and put the sale through on my wifes account.
    Then I went to Body shop feeling really good and was about to ask about the advent calendar but started talking to the lovely sales assistant.
    After a minute I said - you do know Im a guy dont you and she honestly was shocked - she didnt know and said I should stop telling people as there was no need to. From there we were BFF. I looked in one of the mirrors in the store and noticed my lipstick had bled, and mentioned it to her and she said I hadnt done my lip liner correctly and told me to sit down on the stool.
    She went and got a lipliner pencil and some lip stain in the colour I was using and proceeded to show me how to do my lips properly.
    That experience will stay with me forever. I felt totally feminine.
    I then mentioned about the second glances to her and she asked whether it was men only or women as well. I said I only noticed the men doing it - there were quick glances from women but no second look. She said that was because I looked so stylish and feminine not because they had clocked me for a guy in drag. I was in heaven....This woman was an angel.
    Then my wife txted me worried that something had happened as I was supposed to go the supermarket to pick up a couple of items and Id been gone over an hour. Anyway quick txt back and all OK she sid to hurry home because she was getting hungry and I had her lunch.
    So, anyway I purchased the advent calendar and we said our goodbyes - She never charged me for the makeup and advice - she said the makup was from the safe use testers so no charge ....

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    Part 4 - Back home
    So we had lunch and I was so hyped up and excited - It was the best outing I had ever had as I realised that people wernt looking at me as a CD just as a woman. I used to be so self conscious that I didnt enjoy being out in the real world. But now ......

    After lunch my wife went into her crafting room to make a birthday card for my sister so I went out to our front garden to sit with a glass of beer. Still fully dressed.

    Our front garden looks over the Ocean and as such we have a lot of foot traffic passing by but no one paid me any attention.
    Then I noticed my neighbor across the road had just come home so I thought - Why not

    I wandered over onto her driveway (She has seen me in skirts etc as mentioned earlier) and said in my best Ellie voice "Hi Sharon" and sjhe looked at me weird and said "Do I know you"? and I said Yes its me Stuart....and she was really shocked and said I wondered who the gorgeous lady was walking up my drive. She was so taken with Ellie we spent ages talking.

    Any way that was the end of my fantastic Ellie day - all because my wife was happy I told our son and the gates were opened.

    One final thing - My wife did say " I hope your not going to want to do that everytime we go shopping are you" and I said no of course not...
    So the final shock of the day
    She said I am coming to terms with Ellie now and I can see a time shortly when we will go out shopping together as girls.....

    What an ending to a fantastic day....
    Im still up in heaven at the moment and I have another shopping day on Tuesday (which had been planned before all this) so I am really looking forward to that and Ill try to get some pictures to post.

    Lots of love Ellie
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    Congratulations, Ellie, you are living the dream! May every outing be as rewarding.
    "If you are lucky enough to find a way of life that you love, you have to find the courage to live it." -- John Irving

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    You have a great family - thanks for sharing
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    Hi Ellie , You are so Blessed to have such a Wonderful Family, >Orchid**OO**
    Having my ears triple pierced is AWESOME, ~~......

    I can explain it to you, But I can't comprehend it for you !

    If at first you don't succeed, Then Skydiving isn't for you.

    Be careful what you wish for, Once you ring a bell , you just can't Un-Ring it !! !!

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    Ellie, Wow, what a week is correct! You are living the dream and with your wonderful wife and son onboard it can only get better.
    I cannot wait to see a couple of pictures, you know many here are very envious, I know I am! Good luck with everything!

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    What a fantastic day. sounds like Ellie is going to have many many more days just like that. (FYI the pictures didn't show)

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    Ellie, Your family sounds fantastic. I'm glad you got out and about.
    Please call me Jamie, I always_have crossdressed, I always will, "alwayshave".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Connie D50 View Post
    What a fantastic day. sounds like Ellie is going to have many many more days just like that. (FYI the pictures didn't show)
    Hi Connie
    Thks for the nice comments
    I didnt post any pictures this time as I dont want to use up my picture allocation.
    I have a shopping trip planned for Tuesday and Ill post some pics from that.

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    Ellie, you have definitely found the correct equation. But a lot of that is just being a good person that people enjoy being around. It appears you are that way in a big way.

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    I remember you looked amazing in your last photos, so it'd be a shame not to be out more often! Hopefully this gives you more freedom and less stress from hiding certain elements of your life.

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    Another feel good post , beautiful Ellie. Thank you so much for sharing.
    I don't know why , but I am .

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    Thank you for sharing your wonderful story, Ellie. I feel like I'm getting closer to that point with my wife. Hopefully one day. My kids have seen me in drag before, but I don't know when I'll feel brave enough to tell them I am gender fluid.

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    Thanks for relating that wonderful story. You are indeed blessed. And don't worry about "passing". I've seen your photos and trust me you do. Just go out and enjoy being Ellie to the fullest.
    "I may be going to hell in a bucket baby but at least I'm enjoyin' the ride!" - Grateful Dead

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