My new girlfriend (of about two or three months) threw a real fit last night when I told her I was getting breast forms.
I have played down the extent of my crossdressing with her because I know my interest and activity in crossdressing is hard for her to take. Nevertheless, I do bring up the subject periodically so she knows this is real and a part of the deal as partners in our relationship.
So far, she has seen me only in panties. She has even bought me panties. So, she is slowly adapting, but maybe the process requires jumping small hurdles one at a time.
I am eager to take the next step and wear at least a bra when I am with her. She told me a while ago that she did not know how she would react if she saw me in a bra. Well, it is going to happen sooner than later.
Last night, after I told her I was getting forms, she instantly got very annoyed. She said that wearing a bra is one thing but filling it with titties was a really huge turn off.
We talked it out into the wee hours, and in the end, it is working out. I am getting the forms. I might even have her help in getting the proper bra for them. It may be a while before she sees me wearing them, though.