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Thread: Another Milwaukee Girls outing

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    Another Milwaukee Girls outing

    As a result of an earlier post of mine, we connected with another sister in the Milwaukee area, named Connie. So now we are three, Tracy, Connie and myself. I was able to coordinate a lunch at a restaurant equidistant from all of us, and set the date for September 30, noon.
    The night before the lunch I was trying to lock onto what I'd wear, and since I couldn't decide whether I'd be in sandals or closed toe shoes, I did my toe nails in a Sally Hansen Gel red that leaned a bit purple. Its in the low 60's here in Wisconsin, so I thought this would be my first time to try to pull off leggings.
    The next morning I asked my wife for advice. I had an alternate style which was a dress and blazer set, which she promptly told me I was crazy when I showed it to her, its fall and the dress is a summer dress. So much to learn. I still don't know why that dress wasn't a go.
    This meant I was going to be doing leggings, and we looked at tops. She picked three and rejected the one I picked. Geez ... I'm just not getting it.

    I started getting ready with two hours to the time I had to start going to the restaurant. For some reason, I just could not get the overall foundation colors blended well and my face kept looking too pale. Lot of time spent there, and then fooling with eyeliner and mascara set me back even further. I had about thirty minutes left when I started putting clothes on. I used DressTech long hip pads, held in place with control top hose from NoNonsense, cutoff at the knees. A tight tuck using tape gave me a smooth front and crotch. When I got the leggings up, they were smooth overall with no hint of lines from the pads or hose. OK, good, now to the top half.
    I was going to use my corset and bra, but I figured this was a bit casual, so I'll try a waist nipper. Put that on ... not enough nip. Off with that, and try a longline bra I have. Time is running out and I'm just going with this.

    The first top was an ivory V neck with some button adornment which was the wife's first choice. With that on, it looked great, except that the wide straps of the longline, and the really full coverage cups, showed, and no tugging at the top would fix it. Off with that, on with a black and rose top, that's cute because of the rose pattern. Nope, still showing a bit of cup ... running out of time ... try fashion tape to hold the fabric above the cup ... more time wasted ... oh man I'm late now, I should already be driving ... off with the top. Try number three. Thankfully it is a scoop neck T, black with silver horizontal thin stripes, and it covers the bra. Ok, we're going with this. On with the wig ... brush, fluff and wig spray ... man I'm late!!! OK, shoes. I want to show my toes. Black sandals with a small wedge heel. Eeewwwww , it looks bad. OK, black heels, closed toe, two inch stacked heel ... Eeeeewwww, no good. Dammit! Ok, black ballet flats, I don't care if they look good, I gotta go! Purse, wallet and out the door.

    In the car, text from Tracy, she's sick and can't come. I text Connie I'll be late ... oh my gosh she's already at the restaurant and I've still got thirty min to drive! She's going to think I'm wasting her time. OK, none of this matters, must drive safe. Can't get stopped by a cop or have an accident. Use cruise control no matter what. Text from Connie, "No worries" gives me some calm.
    Oh, heck. I did nothing for my finger nails. On the way, I'm filing my nails to a feminine shape, all the while thinking, you know, you could have done this days ago. This has really gone sideways.

    I get to the restaurant, and meet Connie for the first time. We are three months apart in age, just turning 67. She's also in leggings, a high neck grey top, black tennis shoes and a salt and pepper wig. She's a bit taller than I but we look similar. My walk to the restaurant was much easier than the past outings, like it was normal. We approach the receptionist, and were seated immediately in a booth. This restaurant is setup so that its pretty private ... only the people across from you see you. Our server came up, and is a guy. Neither of us come close to passing, but he took it in stride with no reaction at all. Connie and I had a long discussion initially talking about her background in which she ran a successful fast food chain here in the MKE area, and then exchanged our CD history - pretty common stuff. We went off on a couple of tangents, and then it was time to go. Walk out to our cars, say our goodbyes, and off we went.

    I'd say that this outing brought something into focus for me. It wasn't as exciting or fun as previous times, I think because it was so private. I guess I like being seen as Val, which is an interesting finding that I need to think about. Also, this is the third daylight lunch/dinner outing, and maybe its becoming more ... usual?
    I also have to get a routine going to prevent me from being late getting ready, and keep studying fashion don'ts. I got a book called Do's and Don't that Vogue puts out and its helping in this area, but the fact is that I don't have the eye for color ... yet.

    Please, please, please. If you live in the Milwaukee area ... within 60 miles or so ... please reach out by PM to me. We are trying to expand our little group that started as one, and now is up to three, for fun and mutual support. Connie said at one point of our lunch, how helpful it is to be meeting another CD, because it sets a goal with a time and place for going out, and motivates you to do it. We are hoping to get to periodic meetups for fun and adventures as women. Come join us!
    Just call me Val

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    I like reading your stories Val. I'm glad you have other gals to mix with, I'm not having much luck with that.
    "Care about what other people think of you and you will always be their prisoner" - Lao Tzu

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    Val, you are five hundred miles beyond my normal driving radius. If I was closer I would love to join you guys. Minneapolis is on the perimeter of my driving range, but I have yet to drive down there for meet ups with other girls. I think I am just fundementaly lazy.

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    Valerie, I'm glad you were able to get together with another sister. I hope next time you have the full compliment.
    Please call me Jamie, I always_have crossdressed, I always will, "alwayshave".

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    I love the style of your stories Valerie. A entertaining read.
    Wish I was closer than a 11 hr drive to add to your group.


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    That sounds wonderful! Lucky you that has such a supportive wife!
    My guess is your little group will be growing, good luck!

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    Thanks for great post

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    Sounds like great fun Val. Thats what its all about.

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