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Thread: Meeting Val for lunch

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    Meeting Val for lunch

    Val did a great job with her post I thought I would add my story for the meeting in her format. I was just going to reply to Val's post but I wanted maybe more sister who might be able to meet us see other post.

    It was so much fun meeting Val and having a purpose to go out dressed. My prep for the lunch started the day before where I had a chance to go over my outfit options. I ruled out dresses (how I wish ladies would go back to wearing more dresses daily like the old days). So I felt slacks of some kind would help me to blend in more. I always say I can?t pass; I feel I could blend in and have in a busy mall or store. So do I go with a dress slack and nice blouse, working girl on lunch? Nice Jeans or leggings with a comfy top, girl out shopping for the day? Leggings outfit won, black leggings with a cute gray and white strip hooded top. The only decision left was what shoes to wear my wife was out couldn?t be bother so I took a picture texted it to my daughter (kinds of the fashion queen of the family) Black with white laces, or gray and white striped both gym shoe, she voted black . Of course that meant black purse I had both a gray and black laid out. Takes just under an hour for me to do my make up, then off I went to meet Val. Yes I did get there about 20 mins ahead of Val which only gave me time to watch people going into the restaurant what they were wearing (we made the right chose with our outfits). It was funny when Val arrived I got out of my car we both waved just like two friends would do. I felt no worries walking into the restaurant with Val. Yes greeted by hostess a nice girl with a warm smile and seated us like she would do with any customers. We talked some then ordered drinks and then our food. The young man serving us was nice; I felt he was a little uncomfortable. That didn?t bother us we talked sorry Val I do have a tenancy to talk too much. We talked about wife?s the most and some about children are stories not much different if at all when it comes to when and how we started dressing. I so hope that we can meet more sisters out and about. Thank you so much for the invitation Val it was fun.

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    Nice to read your account of the lunch outing

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    It is so nice to hear that you both had a great time out together. Thanks for posting. This may help others feel a little more comfortable going out.

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    It is really great that you were able to get together and enjoy some good conversation. I also think its amazing that you can call upon your wife and/or daughter for fashion guidance!

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    Connie, It was nice to get your perspective on the lunch. So nice your daughter helps with your outfits.
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    Thanks for your write up Connie. You gals are very lucky to have other sisters to socialize with.
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    Enjoyed your write-up. I was quick to pick up on the fact your daughter is very supportive, as is your wife. I suspect that is every CDer's dream. My grandson lives in SE Wisconsin (Racine). I need to drive the 1,000 miles to visit him so I can join you and Val for lunch and shopping. I have "met" 2 members here via messages. One lives about 60 miles away. Whenever I'll be traveling to where she lives, I'll contact her and hope our schedules work such that we can meet. Unfortunately, on those occasions we can both be only underdressed. Another travels to my area every 2 = 3 weeks for work. Since she's her overnight, I suspect we can meet 100% en femme. I hope we can work that out.
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    Really happy for you Connie. It?s brilliant to get out with local friends.

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