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    Anyone ever heard of a cad friendly cruise where you were treated as you are presenting? Or is this me just trying to wish a girls dream into existence?

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    Olivia, just goggle it comes right up one leaves on Oct. 30th . Not sure why anyone would go on halloween, when you have at lease three days of dressing where you live lolol. Connie

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    A GG friend of mine just went on a cruise in the Caribbean. I know, who would want to go during hurricane season! But she had a great time and insisted that it would be a fabulous excursion for me in girl mode.

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    Check out Deann Renee's Cruise pictures
    Please call me Jamie, I always_have crossdressed, I always will, "alwayshave".

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    I don't remember who ran them but there were cruises for many years organized for us.
    We weren't the only ones on the trip, but there were large groups.

    Maybe we need to find a small cruise line and take over a ship for a week.
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    Jamie, thanks for sharing that link. My wife and I were on Harmony in May. Love cruising and would be amazing to go dressed. But cruising is my wife’s world too so I have to honor our boundaries.

    Hurricane season is JJASON, so safe from late November through May in the Caribbean.

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