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Thread: Where do you stash?

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    May 2021

    Where do you stash?

    For those of us who can't be out, where do you stash your things and any experiences on "Never do's"


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    Loving my femme side tifftg's Avatar
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    I have an area of the basement that I keep somewhat purposely looking disorganized that I keep some containers of clothes. Also my wife knows and hates that I dress so she really does not go snooping, she doesn't want to see.
    What is your situation, single, married big place small place who might see your stuff and how much do you have?

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    plenty of stories here, including mine, where we thought we had the perfect hiding place - and we were all wrong.

    it was bad getting found out, but its better now that its out.

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    Senior Member Jenn A116's Avatar
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    Mine is in a section of the office closet. That closet pretty much is used for assorted clothing so nothing stands out as unusual if anybody (a guest) should happen to look in there.
    Jenn A --- nothing fancy, just me.

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    Exploring NEPA now Cheryl T's Avatar
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    Northeast Pa near NJ and NY
    Well, back in the day, as the saying goes I used to keep everything in an old speaker box deep in the attic.
    Another time it was in a box in the trunk behind the spare tire. That was when trunks were big.
    So glad those days are over and everything is in the closet and I'm not.
    I don't wear women's clothes, I wear MY clothes !

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    I have my stuff hidden as my wife is NOT supportive and I could never tell her. I can't divulge secrets or I'd have to kill you My wife and I have seperate walk in closets and baths, so that helps. Most stuff is kinda hidden in plain sight, or where only a handyman or me would look.
    Just starting and lots to learn. Enjoying letting my girl out.

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    After years of trying different hiding places, reading innumerable studies about women's 6th sense for finding stuff their hubbies want to keep out of sight, graduating in women neurology with a specialization in Things that Attract Women's Eye, getting counseling from the best magicians about how to hide an elephant in a room by stuffing it in a teapot, and reading all articles I could find on the WFD (Wife Detecting Factor), I finally found the one, the definitive, the ultimate, all-purpose, ACME, vegan-compatible, tax free and hypoallergenic hiding place that makes all other hiding places pale in comparison. You're just one easy step away to get access to that insane solution that so many governments would kill for. Are you ready?
    Ok, just PM your name, birth date, favorite briefs color, credit card number (don't forget the expiration date and security code) to mwhuha****_cd@darkmail****.com.
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    I'm not in this position, my wife is OK wth my CDing and my stuff is in plain view in the closet of our guest room. If you must hide though I suggest selecting a place where not only people may find your stash, but pets. A few weeks ago my dog somehow found a pair of my pink panties and was parading around the house with them. My wife caught up with the dog and took them away, bringing them to me. She said - "I'm glad I know of your dressing otherwise we would be having a very different conversation right now!"

    So, to avoid THAT conversation, select your place wisely.

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    Amanda countrygirl's Avatar
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    Sandston, Virginia
    In my closet hanging right next to my male clothes.

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    I was so creative (I thought), had this area in the loft where only I went, all my stuff was stashed there, I used to take great care to put it all away and yet my wife still stumbled across it one day when I wasn't there, she was looking for something and found way more than she bargained for, but the strange thing is she never said anything to me for several years and tried very hard (unbeknown to me) to catch me in the act

    Catch me she did and that was when she told me she knew, a day I dreaded and yet a massive weight lifted because then there was no need to hide all my things

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    Member 1Ladyjade's Avatar
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    I have a rolling tool bag that Jade lives in. The overflow is in a tote in the back of my SUV. I dress while at work when free time avails.

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    Inside a lock up garage I used to rent away from home and workplace was 1 of best .Worst a record storage box and sports bags on top of wardrobe. Both discovered by parents and wife respectively. Favourite was a wardrobe in my mothers home. In plain sight for Debbie time at the weekend. Now forever gone unfortunately.

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    Banned Read only
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    I have a built in wardrobe which was without shelving etc in it. I decided as a project I would put shelving in the bottom half, full width.

    It just happened that I also built a false back to those shelves, so the bottom 4 shelves finish 5 inches short of the wardrobe back, touching the false back, and the top shelf goes all the way to the back, creating a 5 inch deep hidden compartment that's only accessible if you take everything off the top shelf and lift it up in a certain way.

    I don't expect it to be discovered. There's no reason for anybody to dig that deep into my belongings.

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    A bit south of the 49th!
    In a box inside a window air conditioner?.Drat?you were not referring to that stash. (Apologies to Dexter fans)

    I never really had a hidden stash.

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    Member Michelle_G's Avatar
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    Kim, I read that first sentence and immediately thought Dexter, then read the rest. Lol

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    Surrey, UK
    All my female clothes are in the loft in storage boxes.
    My wife knows I dress, but doesn?t want to see me dressed or
    female clothes in my side of the wardrobe.

    All the boxes are stored away from the usual loft stuff such as luggage & Christmas Decorations.
    My wife never goes up in the loft, but my step-sons do sometimes do so to
    store their stuff as neither has a loft.

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    Oh to be an English Rose Jane G's Avatar
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    Live in Cornwall UK, born in Lancashire
    When I was in the RN I used to keep my fem cloths in a locked tool box. Never got found. We had a great Snap on tool kit on my section, so no one ever needed to used my personal tool box.

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    Female Illusionist! docrobbysherry's Avatar
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    Orange County, Calif.
    I'm a "closet dresser". Now that my daughter moved out, Sherry fills every closet in the house!
    U can't keep doing the same things over and over and expect to enjoy life to the max. When u try new things, even if they r out of your comfort zone, u may experience new excitement and growth that u never expected.

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    Silver Member Geena75's Avatar
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    I have a trunk that locks and a unused cupboard in the basement. It is getting too small, so I will have to develop a better scheme.

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    Platinum Member alwayshave's Avatar
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    I keep clothes in my closet. Also some in a storage locker, but I am not hiding them, it is just a space issue. When I was married top my ex-wife I kept my clothes in my wife's old clothes closet mixed in with her stuff. She never found them or knew I crossdressed.
    Please call me Jamie, I always_have crossdressed, I always will, "alwayshave".

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    My wife knows and supports, so I don't have to hide from her. Kids are another story. I don't want them to know, and so hide from them. There's some things hidden in plain sight, in drawers in our bedroom where my wife might keep some things too. Her sizes aren't that different than mine, so it's believable. Right now, there's a very pretty white skirt sitting folded on top of a dresser in our bedroom. My wife and I got it together, for both of us to wear. The kids have seen her wear it, so they associate it with her, not me.

    I do have a stash of things that could never be hers (think; size 11 shoes, when she's a 7.5). That's deep in a storage closet in the garage, behind a lot of other crap. I have an easy-ish way of getting to it when I need to, but if you don't know how to do it, it's a pain to get to it. It works. Well, I think it works. The kids haven't said anything

    DianeT you're hysterical

    [edit] Karren reminded me with her post below; when I was young, I got caught by my mother and read the riot act. My stash was in a stupid place (underneath mattress). She tossed what little I had. So, when I managed to re-acquire some pantyhose, they went into a bad and into a ventilation duct in my bedroom. If it had ever been found, I would have known.
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    Miss Conception Karren H's Avatar
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    Over the years I have had a bunch of different hiding places including hidden compartments I built into the bathroom cabinets, hidden compartments in the ceiling of one of the closets, hidden compartment in an unused ventilation duct, inside one of my pinball machines, in the storage bay of our pop up camper in a gated locked storage facility. In a couple igloo coolers surrounded by insulation in the attic. In my workplace office in a locked lateral file marked confidential.
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    When you say "can't be out" I hope you're referring to everyone but your wife/SO. The few months after I started to CD and before I told my wife, all I had were panties. They were easy to hide as I had so few pairs. Once I came out to her after about 5 months, I no longer hid things. I keep all my femme apparel in 3 places. Some of my bras and panties are in my bedside nightstand (2 drawers). Some of my bras, panties, and my forms are in my bathroom (also our guest bathroom). My nighties, dresses, suspender fishnets, garters and attached stockings, and tops & jeans are on hangers in the guest bedroom. If we are having daytime/evening visitors, I transfer everything in the bathroom to my nightstand in case they need to visit the bathroom. If we have overnight guests, I take all my things on clothes hangers and put them next to my wife's clothing in out master closet.

    If I had to find a place to hide my things from my wife, I believe the bottom drawer in my rolling tool chest in the garage would be a decent place for most of it. However, I couldn't have as much as I have and fit it all in there.
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    Spare closet in the guest bedroom. Not hidden at all.

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    In 1983 we converted out single car garage converted to living space. Over the years it has become a storage room. We have amassed way too many worldly possession. My "stash" is in 20+ Xerox boxes which are stacked there. My wife knows I dress but I think she has no idea of the extent of my wardrobe which I have to admit is out of control. I do keep in my armoire a selection of panties, bras, slips and nightgowns that I wear to bed every night. There is a large box in my night stand that is full of full slips.

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